In-House Team Setup

The service is designed to assist customers to organize their own software testing activities. Our experts will work at a client site to establish an independent QA team, select people with the right expertise, organize professional training and refine all work and management processes for the team.

Your Own QA Division From Scratch

In-House Independent QA Team Setup is often recommended after a thorough  SQA process audit. With companies facing stricter regulatory requirements, continued outsourcing growth and increasing system complexity, it may be not only reasonable, but also efficient to have an internal professional QA team handle all or some testing tasks.

A1QA's service of internal testing team setup provides reduced time — months, not years! — to establish a QA team and initiate the effective operation of the SQA function within a company. Employees are trained by QA experts, instead of learning through their own mistakes. A1QA mitigates risks by carefully selecting personnel and providing an intensive internship program and training.

In addition to SQA Process Audit and Improvement A1QA will assist in: 

  • Selecting the right employees for key positions in the team, as well as members of the team.
  • Training and internship for the client's staff.
  • Developing an effective cooperation model with the development team.

We recommend setting up an in-house QA team from scratch in the following cases:

  • The customer realizes the importance of the independent QA process (as opposed to testing within a development team), and wants all testing functions to be performed in-house.
  • The customer is a start-up, has no in-house QA team and wants to built a team based upon the best practices in the industry.