Localization Testing

Confirming International Software Functionality

Localization and Internalization Testing checks a solution's interface and the precision of its work within a localized country- and language-specific environment. When software is localized, customers who buy the product can choose their native language and see the date, currency, paper size, etc., in the format to which they are accustomed. A1QA's localization and internalization testing service allows clients to increase market share and win over international audiences. 

  • Internationalization is the process of developing a software application so that it can be changed to meet the requirements of different languages and cultures, without modifying any part of its design. Internationalization takes place before the product is localized.
  • Localization is the process of linguistic and cultural adaptation of a software solution to regional standards and language(s) in a specific locale.

At A1QA, we check the following aspects during localization and internationalization testing:

  • Compliance of the application with native (localized) environments (Windows, MS Office, etc.)
  • Compliance of the application with GUI guidelines
  • Compatibility with different regional standards (e.g., date/time, time zone and currency format, postal codes, telephone numbers, paper format, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Help files and documentation
  • Absence of untranslated messages
  • Alphabetic sorting order

All tests are conducted on the required local operating systems, i.e., the end user's “real world” working environment. In most cases, localization and internationalization testing are performed together with functional testing.

A1QA benefits

  • A1QA's private laboratory of localization environments eliminates the need to build a custom environment, which requires additional investment of time and money.
  • Close to real-life test conditions using localized software (Windows, MS Office, etc.), not MUI (multilingual user interface).
  • Great expertise in localization testing, using industry standards and best practices.
  • Localization testing according to a customer's specific requirements (corporate identity, standards and regulations).
  • Test automation approach used to optimize costs and reduce testing time.
  • Professional proofreading available to check the quality of localization. Contact A1QA for available languages.