Security Testing

The level of security is a constantly variable value and new types of attacks appear every minute. More than 600 000 hacking attempts are registered every day and it’s just the top of the iceberg. Law firms are in the front line of cyber security threats, with hackers increasingly targeting legal companies, trying to get their clients’ sensitive data. 

A1QA can help you to check the data security level in your company and do an initial assessment. So you will get:

•  a picture of the most critical and obvious vulnerabilities that can become an easy target for a hacker 

•  a report on the workflow of the attacking side 

•  an instruction on how to remove these defects and protect your system from penetrating attacks. 

Penetration Test

A1QA helps online service providers, website owners and independent software vendors effectively manage application security risks and mitigate possible business impacts.

Results-Driven Approach

Our security testing service is centered on four major goals:

  1. Protect online transactions and data transfer
  2. Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information
  3. Minimize the risk of data loss, corruption or tampering
  4. Enhance resistance to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks

To accomplish these objectives, A1QA delivers a tailored combination of potential threat analysis, appropriate testing methods and focused domain expertise.

Comprehensive Testing Scope

A variety of attack vectors, complicated by a range of possible vulnerabilities, makes application security testing a complex task. This task requires broad test coverage, grounded in specialized knowledge and skills, with the right tools in place.

A1QA offers a comprehensive scope of tests based on white-, grey- or black-box models — depending on customer preferences and software specifics.

  • Vulnerability scanning and assessment
  • Security assessment
  • Penetration test
  • Automated testing
  • Manual testing
  • Static code analysis

Security Testing R&D Center

New threats and attack vectors constantly are evolving and transforming, but A1QA invests significant effort and resources into accumulating up-to-date knowledge and developing effective techniques to continually enhance our security testing services by:

  • Monitoring the latest trends in security risks
  • Adapting proven methodologies for threats analysis and security assessment
  • Incorporating best practices for detecting and identifying vulnerabilities
  • Exploring new automation tools for a vulnerability scan and static code analysis


Research results rapidly adapted and implemented via A1QA’s established Testing Center of Excellence mechanisms, so our customers remain confident that they are receiving the best security practices and cutting-edge technologies.

Proven Security Guides and Standards

A1QA performs security testing in line with proven methodologies and delivers pre-certification testing for software that requires official certification to industry or general standards.

Open Web Application Security Project is the de facto, most globally respected guideline for Web app security.

Compliance with the Plastic Card Industry Data Security Standard is a must for solutions involving online payment processing.

What Our Customers Get

A1QA strives for test results to be easy to recognize, and for testing activities to be fully transparent for the customer. Our clients receive a clear picture of:

  1. Threats, vulnerabilities and security risks of the tested software
  2. A1QA team activities, efforts and timeline (see How we work section for more details)

Explore Security Testing Deliverables

Mature Project Planning and Management

At A1QA, we adhere to process-driven project execution based on accurate, realistic planning. Testing apps for security issues involves significant effort to complete both preliminary analysis and testing strategy development. A1QA will handle security testing of an application or software system without breaking business processes or development workflows. We are capable of, and have extensive experience, integrating testing activities into customer processes across the whole Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Security Testing

Security Testing Across the Whole SDLC

A1QA provides security testing throughout the software development life cycle. Clients may opt to hire us at any stage of the SDLC:


A1QA integrates security testing procedures into the development process so that QA activities may run in parallel with development.


We provide security testing and validation of fixes on pre-production releases (often as a component of global application acceptance tests).


We will suggest flexible options for security testing of the running software, including replica deployment in the testing environment.

Domain Expertise

Web applications

Web application testing is one A1QA's core areas of expertise. We have significant experience testing Web apps in a variety of business domains:

  • Online services and horizontal portals
  • E-Commerce, Payments and Billing
  • E-Learning
  • News & Entertainment
  • Games & Gambling

Read more about our Web app testing services.

Line-of-business software

We have experience testing enterprise software products, corporate information systems and enterprise application integration projects. Our experience includes:

  • ECM and Document Management
  • SLM Systems
  • Collaboration Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • Financial and Accounting Systems
Product security

We are ready to swiftly allocate a dedicated team to work as a part of a client's QA division on a mid-term or long-term basis. We also provide static code analysis services and are prepared to meet industry-specific standards.

Read more about pre-certification testing.

Mobile security

We ensure end-to-end security testing of mobile solutions that may include distributed components such as Web service and remote storage in the back end, data transfer and synchronization, mobile messaging, etc.

Read more about mobile testing at A1QA.

Engage with A1QA for Security Testing

To initiate a security testing project with A1QA, get in touch by leaving a message using the contact form, call or email us. We will be happy to answer any questions and discuss your needs.