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a1qa attending IBC Exhibition 2016 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam talking! a1qa team of QA and software testing experts went to the Netherlands to connect with current and potential business partners and attend the IBC Exhibition 2016, the world’s premier technology event annually held in Amsterdam.

This year the exhibition has immersed 55,000+ professionals from over 170 countries. The event has focused on media and entertainment and covered rich media production, devices, apps, digital marketing, social media, big data, cloud services and much more.

For a1qa, the greatest and most attractive thing about IBC is that it provides a chance to network with industry professionals, to trade and debate while getting great knowledge on new technology and trends.

We are especially delighted to connect with the in-filed professionals and share our expertise on assuring quality of multiple solutions shaping the market.

a1qa’s stay will last till Friday – September, 16. If you happen to have any questions on QA processes or software testing needs, contact us at start@a1qa.com. We’ll answer you shortly and schedule a meeting or a call.

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