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a1qa compared cloud storages for “Network Computing”

Popular American online IT magazine “Network computing” published a1qa engineer’s Pavel Andreev “Cloud storage: Pick the best option” article on May 14.

Network Computing provides IT community members with in-depth analysis on new and emerging infrastructure technologies, real-world advice on implementation and operations, and practical strategies for improving their skills and advancing careers. The journal is appreciated by IT professionals globally.

“Cloud storage: Pick the best option” article is based upon author`s personal work experience. It compares four of the most popular and relevant cloud storage options available today. The author carefully goes through all four cloud storages, defines possible difficulties that user may face during the workflow. Reader can go through expert advice and a1qa experience point. In the article you can see the well-grounded pros and cons of the described storages. If you are looking for cloud storage for personal or business use this article gives you possibility for informed choice.

The author of this article, Pavel Andreev, is an experienced tester and QA manager at a1qa. Pavel is a talented QA engineer, with 3 years of working experience. Pavel has a bachelor degree and fluently speaks English. Being a well-versed specialist, he knows every shoal of mobile functional testing and offers an experienced-based insight in mobile clouds services.

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