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a1qa mobile testing: from single checks to the in-house center of excellence

For seven years already a1qa has been testing mobile apps assisting both software developing companies and application publishers.

Seven years isn’t a long period of time. However, the rapidly scaling mobile industry has changed completely. Let’s make a flashback to see how the mobile testing service at a1qa started. In 2007 the first iPhone was unveiled. In 2008 the Apple App Store was announced and the first Android 1.0 smartphone was marketed.

All these events couldn’t but influence the software testing: with ever increasing frequency the customers asked to test their products on mobile devices as well. To satisfy that demand, the company acquired a number of most popular smartphones. Since then, mobile testing started to present a full-scale service.

As time went by, the amount of work orders increased and the relevant experience was accumulated. The number of testers who expressed their desire to specialize in testing mobile apps also grew up.

Today there are 180 full-time mobile engineers in a1qa who run complex testing on all mobile platforms and real devices exclusively. a1qa owns over 150 mobile, tablets and smart devices to cover all testing aspects.


During these years we have had the pleasure to cooperate with many great companies. Our clients include, amongst others, airG, adidas, FreePlay Labs, GlobalMoney.

In 2013 the company established its proprietary Mobile Testing Center of Excellence. The mission of the Center’s experts is to ensure high quality of testing delivery and to monitor industry trends to keep up with all innovations that are happening very fast.

We believe that seven years is just the beginning of the remarkable and exciting journey. Along with that, high rankings of the tested products and positive testimonials from our clients suggest that we’re moving the right way.

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