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a1qa notes from the Seattle CIOsynergy Conference

On March 22nd 2018 a1qa leaders – Managing Director (USO) Nadya Knysh and Head of Business Development Dmitry Tishchenko – took part in the CIOsynergy session in Seattle. The event engaged 100 of IT leaders into one day of thought-leading exchange, provoking round-table discussions, and meaningful networking.

The a1qa leaders caught the opportunity to collaborate, share their experience, discuss the industry trends, meet the peers, and build new acquaintances.

Main takeaways from the CIOsynergy Event include the following:

  • More and more companies are using IoT services to transform their business.
  • Companies shift their focus away from making sales and gaining profit to increasing customers’ satisfaction and building a customer-driven organization.
  • Privacy and personal data security issues are critical to all vendors.
  • IT organizations continue to implement or modernize their DevOps practices as they promise to make the software development process more agile and reliable.

a1qa at the CIOsynergy Conference in Seattle

Nadya Knysh, Managing Director of the a1qa US Office, comments:

CIOsynergy was a good use of my time. The event appeared to be very valuable. As always, it was very well organized, the venue was excellent. I enjoyed very much the discussions with various CIOs and their experience sharing from the work they do and decisions they make daily.

As a company that is committed to assuring quality of the software solutions, we appreciate every event that promote open discussions, knowledge sharing, straight to the point presentations. To assure top-notch quality and free out clients from solving quality issues, we need to know their worries, challenges, and expectations. The events like CIOsynergy and alike give us this opportunity. Hope there are many more in the future.

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