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a1qa reflections on MWC 2018

a1qa senior-level specialists have attended Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In between meetings and presentations they learnt about key trends and developments in the mobile world.

The exhibition this year included connected cars, virtual reality innovations, ingenious app ideas, 3D printing, and many more.

a1qa on MWC 2018

Maxim Chernyak, Head of a1qa Automation and Performance Lab reflects on the trends he saw at MWC that will likely redefine the future of mobile economy.

‘We’re happy to have attended such a big event. Being the quality assurance company, we need to stay in trend to help our clients deliver top-notch software products and open up new markets”.

Digitization was discussed as one of the leading features in the connected world. The IoT is an enabler of the digital transformation, which is already starting to change everything. Large companies and small businesses have to adapt to the reality to remain competitive.

a1qa will accompany them in their journey improving customer experience, performance, security and functionality of the end solution and help build partner ecosystems as a part of their business plan, which is the destination point after all.

5G is also becoming a commercial reality. It represents large opportunities for vendors, telecom operators. However, extensive rearchitecturing of the network will be required to prepare for the change.

Telecom quality assurance is the key area of a1qa specialization. And we are ready to support vendors in taking the required steps towards a 5G reality.

Automation has also been a major theme. This is another challenge for QA vendors. Service providers aim to deal with the customers through an all-digital channel and automate the processes behind it. The customer relationship, therefore, should be product-centric and very simple, without a single defect and run smoothly.

The a1qa engineers are to step in to ensure optimized time to market and smooth automation process’.

Assuring the quality of mobile apps isn’t just about technology, it’s about making our interconnected future more reliable, secure, more user-centric. And a1qa wants to be part of this future.

Thank you MWC for new connections and great knowledge! See you again in 2019!

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