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a1qa top managers built partnerships at Web Summit in Dublin

a1qa three top managers attended Web Summit 2014 in Dublin, where world’s top tech CEOs spoke. ‘Just in three days you learn what the newest IT trends are,’ a1qa delegates said. The summit that gathered 22 000 participants from 109 countries this year, has gained the title of the ‘best technology conference on the planet’.

The conferences consisted of 11 summits, each devoted to a particular topic. Dmitry Tischhenko, a1qa head of test automation department, said Builders Summit was the most useful for him.
‘It’s a unique opportunity to see how people from the whole world are doing same things differently,’ Tischenko said. ‘First you go to listen to Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist, and in an hour you visit the workshop and learn how a former startup earned their first million dollars’.
Vyacheslav Smirnov, a1qa PR-director found Enterprise Summit beneficial for him. New innovations in the industry and leaders from the area demonstrated how enterprise companies are improving our daily lives by adapting new technologies to their sphere.
‘Just one speech of John Ridding, CEO Financial Times, is worth visiting the summit,’ Smirnov said.
Informal communication and networking with IT specialists and journalists from all over the globe had a valuable feedback after visiting Web Summit 2014 too.‘We established so many connections at the summit!’ Alexei Kulevets, a1qa business development manager said. ‘Events of that kind are definitely worth visiting, if you want to see your company growing and developing. We hope to start active cooperation by launching several new projects with partners we met at the summit.’
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