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Article series by Julia Liber for Billlingworld

Julia Liber, Head of Telecom & Web Application department, has launched article series at on-line telecom editions Billingworld.

One of the largest on-line telecom editions Billingworld launched article series address O/BSS solutions implementation. Article`s author is a Head of Telecom & Web Application department at a1qa Software testing company Julia Liber. Ms. Liber manages the Internet applications and telecom systems testing team and provides consulting for wireless operators. She also plans testing process and the acceptance phase for modification or new billing solutions implementation.

The articles are based upon author`s personal work experience, which gives equitable case assessment. The author carefully goes through the stages of preparation and implementation, defines possible difficulties that a company may face during the flow. Reader can go through expert advice and a1qa experience point. Julia also puts emphasis upon the peculiarities of back-to-back testing. In the article you can see the well-grounded pros and cons of the described approach. Julia explains the reasons of rising numerical discrepancies and presents the approach value. She also presents step-by-step description of how the testing process goes on, what phases it includes and difficulties that may arise.

To read full articles click here:

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