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Performance Testing

“Once we saved $500.000 with load testing.” Interview with Scott Moore

With over 18 years of  IT experience with various platforms and technologies, Scott Moore has tested some of the largest applications and infrastructures in the world. He has mentored and developed testing services for Big Five services firms, top insurance companies, and major financial institutions in the US. He is a Certified Instructor and Certified Product Consultant in HP’s LoadRunner and Performance Center products. In October 2010, Scott became President and CEO of Northway Solutions Group and currently holds HP certifications for ASE, ASC, and CI.

Performance testing: environment set up

After the development specification and scripts, your next step is environment set up. That the stage where you provide the conditions to successfully run the testing process. Let's go through the DOs you shouldn't ignore.

About performance testing

The full information about system to be tested is exceptionally important on the first stage. Thus try to learn as much as possible about the software and hardware used. Of course, do not forget about the client's requirements.

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