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Security testing – choose what you really need. Part I

First of all I want to say that if you ever faced the issues of security testing, but really know few about it in practice, this article is what you need to read. If you are a security tester, well, you can use the article for explanation purposes.

Android and IOS security mechanisms. OS vulnerabilities

Everyone knows that Android is an “open” system, which means a user should expect a great number of vulnerabilities in the system. Nevertheless, it is iOS that is considered to be a more vulnerable operating system. According to the research of 2014 the amount of vulnerabilities in all iOS versions reached the number of 335, while in Android system only 36.

Android and iOS security mechanisms

Though security by itself is priceless, there still is one thing about it – people tend to remember about security when the system is hacked. The situation with mobile devices is even worse. Today users know a lot about the consequences of desktop and web applications hacking, though they never think smartphones and tablets security.

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