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Why use object-based design in the test framework

Object-based design helps not only to create simple-to-understand and easy-to-use hierarchical structure, but also assists in development of more flexible system. Object-based design typically helps to get higher level of abstraction that could increase understanding the difficulty and costs.

Monitoring saves your business

Want your business running 24/7? Probably the answer will be yes. So in terms of quality assurance you’ve been doing everything that depends on you: proper QA at development phase, acceptance testing and finally monitoring. Now you’ve got full circle QA, each process works on 100% and everything is seems to be ok... or not?

Test automation framework: why you should have one

In software development it’s hard to find anyone who considers software architecture useless, the same applies to automated tests. By test architecture I mean all code that will support and facilitate test cases development and execution (e.g. test framework), the project structure and any management that will take place (e.g. test data management and documentation).

Test automation metrics: KPI components

The process should be evaluated while the team activities show certain KPI. Apart from usual methods of KPI measurement I would like to offer you metrics that can be necessary for evaluation of the first three mentioned activities.

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