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Test automation risks

Today test automation is seen as a strategic step and gains a lot of focus in software testing world. Applying to automated tests company saves costs, decreases overall time of testing cycle enhances product quality, and enables the staff to focus on testing details.

Start testing your billing product a year in advance

There are a wide variety of billing providers, and choosing one for a particular project can be a complex process. No matter which provider you choose, the most difficult step is actually implementing a new billing solution once it is complete.

Test automation metrics: evaluation of automation efficiency

The data on test automation effectiveness is collected through the whole process. So, when you urgently have to compose the process efficiency report you can apply to some basic metrics, which is the easiest and most rapid way to make a report.

Back-to-back testing in OSS/BSS

Which product to choose for testing? Which tariff plan to choose for testing? What kind of charges to check, and what type of subscribers to use?

Test automation returns

Automation brings benefits because automated tests run quickly, can be run anywhere and are conditionally free.

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