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Ensuring business continuity in unstable global situation

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting a lot of business processes around the world. To respond to the challenge, a1qa has taken immediate measures to ensure business continuity and secure its clients’ planned outcomes. The company fully realizes the weight the situation carries for businesses and supports its customers’ domestic policies when having their teams or particular members working from home (WFH) is required.

With the official confirmation of the a1qa precautionary measures, we have restricted personal meetings and business trips as well as transferred all QA Academy educational programs to the online mode. While reducing social contact in place, we ascertain that no business operations are interrupted and health risks are mitigated.

USO Managing Director at a1qa, Nadya Knysh, said the following:

“In such an unstable situation, a1qa is doing its utmost to create a safe surrounding for our employees. We are also caring that the clients’ businesses will bring the same results. At the moment, we understand the seriousness of the situation yet we keep calm and concentrate on our main goal of helping customers get the maximum value from the QA practice.”

The implementation of described in-house rules prevents any shock to business operations.

Business continuity during coronavirus

In addition, upon the client’s corporate policy, a1qa offers them an option to have some employees or the entire QA team working outside the office from home for a specified period of time. We have already seen this practice having been implemented successfully for some of the clients.

Being an 800+ QA provider with its offices and delivery centers around the globe, we apply COVID-19-related measures to all our locations.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive more information.

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