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Schedule online business meeting with a1qa team in Abu Dhabi!

Throughout March 23-26, the a1qa representatives will stay in Abu Dhabi sharing their expertise in the QA area by conducting a series of online meetings.

The format of individual appointments allows companies to get detailed feedback on the software quality queries and help find possible strategies for improving it.

Our skilled experts can help realize that timely testing leverages achieving business objectives required for staying ahead of the competitors:

  • accelerate product delivery in the market
  • contribute to companies’ growth
  • ensure end-consumers loyalty
  • decrease reputational and budget risks by detecting defects before go-live
  • and many more.

Due to implementing an individual approach to holding meetings, you can get a piece of targeted advice from the a1qa experts. Within our in-house culture of excellence, we apply our vast experience in multiple industries to help companies enhance their software quality bearing in mind the specific needs of the businesses.

a1qa in Abu Dhabi

Do not miss the opportunity to plan a personal online meeting in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding areas!

To do it, fill in the form or contact us by email at start@a1qa.com.

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