Automated localization testing of My Kaspersky portal

The client contacted a1qa to perform comprehensive testing of a portal and to automate the localization and internationalization testing.
Compatibility testing
Functional testing
IT and software development
Localization testing
Performance testing
Test automation
Usability testing


…Thanks to the professionalism and joint team-work we did not have to intervene into the testing process but concentrated on goal definition and result acceptance. We were impressed by the effective and innovative solutions offered by the a1qa team.

Kaspersky Lab is an international cybersecurity and anti-virus solutions provider. The company was founded in 1997 and with every year its deep expertise in software security is transforming into top-notch solutions and services to protect businesses, governments, and consumers around the globe.

The product under test is a web portal providing users with the opportunities to install a security app on their devices, remotely manage licenses and protection features, and purchase new products.

The portal also provides helpdesk and technical support services, and special software to protect minor Internet users from digital dangers.

The solution grew out of three portals, collecting the functionality of them all:

  • Powerful software and license management e-commerce portal
  • A helpdesk portal where users could ask product-related questions and get timely technical support
  • The portal where users could communicate with friends using social networks and get bonuses for that.

Later on, these solutions were merged into one.

In due course, the portal functionality was expanded and completed by the protection component, which is a kind of console where parents can track social network and web activities of their child’s device, add parent control, and manage restrictions.

Nowadays there is also a store that allows to view and purchase new security products, download installation package of bought/trial package of the product.

Another important part is the email notifications system.

Services offered

Test automation
Compatibility testing
Functional testing
Localization and internationalization testing
Performance testing
GUI testing
Usability testing

Project scope

The a1qa team performed complex testing of the portal: functional, cross-browser, performance, usability, and UI testing with the main focus being made on the localization and internationalization testing.

The objective for the localization team was to adapt the solution to new cultural regions, which meant working on new functionality and simultaneously making the existing functionality available to new countries in new languages.

To reduce the time required to add new localization to the portal and to test new UI features in new languages, a1qa automated localization testing.

Automated localization and internationalization testing

Kaspersky’s DocLoc team worked in collaboration with the a1qa testing team to deliver 31 localizations.

The a1qa test automation engineers developed 64 automated test scripts for localization screenshotting, which covered more than 90% of the pages a user could see. The scripts were parameterized to be executed on the specified scope of locales (different combinations of country/language), and they produced screenshots and metadata for each screenshot.

Metadata was the XML file with the LocalizedString items, including text, unique key and position of this text on the screenshot. Using the special parsing tool, localization engineers were able to achieve two main goals:

  • Compare the same pages of different product versions for regression
  • Compare the same pages in different localizations.

After the analysis, the collected data was sent to third-party localization agencies. When it was returned and committed to the portal, the corrections were made, if required.

The automated tests created by a1qa were reusable and easy to maintain. They served well not only localization purposes but also enabled proper work of the covered functionality.

The cooperation has prolonged, and the a1qa team continues performing QA, automation and testing activities on all new projects as the Kaspersky Lab’s premium partner.

Technologies & tools

  • .NET
  • Jenkins CI
  • MSTest
  • TFS
  • vSphere
  • Selenium WebDriver


  • a1qa test automation has created a set of reusable tests that can be further maintained and used by the customer's team to localize newly added strings and functionality.
  • With the participation of the a1qa testing team, My Kaspersky portal has been localized and adapted to 31 languages. It has increased sales in countries located away from the primary markets.

In numbers

localizations delivered
automated test cases written
screenshots made per each new locale
years of the project duration

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