Business analysis for Gazprom Neft

...Due to a great experience of the cohesive team, a1qa business analysts managed to successfully conduct more than 8 parallel projects, to elicit and specify business, user, and functional requirements for software applications in the oil and gas domain, to validate the existing requirements documentation as well as to successfully maintain effective communication with stakeholders.

Head of IT, Automation and Telecommunications Department

Gazprom Neft is a vertically integrated oil company primarily engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, and sale of petrochemicals.

Proven hydrocarbon reserves make it one of the 20 largest oil companies in the world.

The BAs engagement should have covered the complete project lifecycle: from launching a project initiative to the product release.


The business analysis activities covered the following types of projects:

  • New systems creation
  • Expanding the scope of the existing functionality
  • Replication of the existing systems to new subsidiaries.

All the projects were related to oil and gas exploration and production domain. The systems were designed to automate processes of geological exploration, drilling, oil wells maintenance, and repair, oil and gas accounting, oil and gas equipment parameters control.

Projects fulfillment included the following stages:

1. Requirements elicitation and specification:

  • Project efficiency map
  • Business requirements
  • Software requirements specification (functional and non-functional).

2. Business process modeling:

  • Analysis of the business processes current state
  • Developing to-be business processes models using UML and EPC notations.

3. Project and technical documentation expertise:

  • Project management plan
  • Project implementation plan
  • IT solution design
  • Requirements specifications
  • Technical project.

4. Ensuring successful product implementation:

  • Validation of user acceptance tests
  • Participation in acceptance testing
  • Validation of the removal of the defects
  • Review of the user guides
  • Validation of user education control.

a1qa professional involvement contributed to the accurate identification of project goals and scope of development, creation of precise business and user requirements, and maintenance of projects at all stages.

The independent approach to providing BA assistance made it possible to formulate requirements to technical specialists in a clear manner, meet all the expectations set to the products, and perform the tasks in compliance with all deadlines.

  • Documentation services
  • Business analysis
  • BA tools
  • 7
    business analysts involved
  • 6
    successfully completed projects
  • 15
    ongoing projects
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