Delivering QA excellence to global developer of solutions for performing operations with cryptocurrencies


The client is a well-known developer of a trading ecosystem for working with equities as well as web and mobile apps that enable users to store coins and tokens.

Following the endeavor to find a reliable QA provider to partner with, the client entrusted software testing to a1qa and its professionals.


The tested solutions include a stock exchange and an application that represents a wallet, which is a key element of the client’s trading ecosystem.

The wallet makes it simple to trade digital currencies and assets with zero commission. Embedded automated functions such as ‘stop-loss’, ‘take profit’, ‘trailing stop’ allow investors to gain profit without ongoing monitoring of market quotes. Immediate settlement and direct ownership are enabled by a distributed ledger technology. It also possesses the ability to personalize UI of the application.

When the a1qa team joined the project, all the processes were based on Agile methodology, to be precise on Scrum.

In terms of delivering QA activities, the team was responsible for the following aspects:

  • Functional testing – to make sure the application was performing as intended
  • API testing – to improve the quality of web services described by means of Swagger and prevent possible defects
  • Compatibility testing – to provide identical behavior of the product against multiple browsers and platforms (Android and iOS)
  • Mobile application testing – to verify that all features complied with the requirements and worked as expected.

The project is still ongoing. Currently, the client is in need of introducing test automation service to streamline testing activities, therefore, a1qa is fulfilling a pilot project to meet all established requirements.

  • Functional testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • API testing
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Kubernetes
  • Kibana
  • PowerShell/CMD
  • Proxy
  • MS SQL Server Management Studio
  • Fiddler/Charles Proxy
  • Postman/Swagger
  • Azure Storage Explorer
  • TeamCity/Codemagic
  • Firebase
  • Blockchain wallet apps
  • Blockchain explorers
  • 2
    years of the project duration
  • 7
    FTEs on board during peak load
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