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Practical conference E-payments Russia 2013

3 September 2013, in Moscow, Russia a1qa participated in Practical Conference “E-payments Russia 2013” held by daily online edition Comnews.ru as a one of the annual events. At the conference a1qa was presented by two delegates: Alexei Porodzinsky, Leading Expert at Software Quality Optimization Department, and Dmitry Tischenko, Head of Software Quality Optimization Department. Our speaker, Alexei Porodzinsky, came out with speech “The weakest link: must-have aspects for high-quality performance of e-payment systems”. Alexei spoke in details about technological benefits QA like iterations number decrease, risked mitigation caused by excessive and unnecessary development  and possibilities of the system performance tuning as it grows and transforms along with proprietary developed approach to test planning roadmap, and budget allocation strategy.  The speech was supported by life tweets and Facebook posts. Mr. Tischenko gave interview to J`son and Partners about the specifics of mobile testing and quality assurance of e-payment systems.

The blitz-section of present-day banking (mobility and security issues) was of exceptional interest. Deputy director general of Andek company told about mobile phone possibilities as means of secure and suitable POS-terminal . Ilya Sachkov, CEO of Group-IB  covered the issue of cybercrime in the sphere of e-payments.

Moreover, conference highlights including a1qa expert opinion will be fully covered in September edition of printed business journal “Standard” by COMNEWS. 

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