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Event recap: a1qa at the CIO Digital Summit 2021

Throughout March 8-10, Head of global business development Dima Tish and Marketing director Valeria Sologoub were attending the CIO Digital Summit 2021 and were discussing ways on how CIOs can address business-critical challenges and convert them into opportunities.

Due to the massive global change and the issues CIOs faced Iast year, the weight of their roles within organizations has been increased. Now, most of them continue accelerating the growth of IT projects and keep on using COVID-19 as a driver towards successful digital transformation.

At the event, C-level representatives across multiple industries were sharing their expertise in implementing technological trends that help maintain business resilience.

How to undergo digital transformation with ease? How to shift to the cloud being confident in the high-level security of every step you take? Is it worth following Agile best practices to enhance the IT systems quality?

The agenda comprised these and many other topics allowing the audience to find ways to stay ahead of the competitors and win trust on the business level.

Dima Tish was taking part in the roundtable track discussing how CIOs may have an impact on business growth of their companies amid an ever-changing context. With the increased visibility of their mission and unexpected cultural change, senior executives’ role has amplified drastically, so the participants unveiled techniques of how to turn topical issues into benefits.

Throughout the Summit, we were discovering progressive approaches to adapt to the rapidly evolving IT environment and minimize business risks relying on tech innovations. Having conducted a range of meetings, we helped attendees figure out what advantages professional QA can bring to the table and how it contributes to reaching desired business outcomes.

Wishing to enhance your software quality? Reach out to us to have a meeting with our experts on QA-related issues.

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