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a1qa Dedicated Team has joined a cutting-edge blockchain project

In late June, the dedicated team of the a1qa engineers was approached to ensure quality and security of the mobile application for blockchain-enabled mobile phone. The mission of the client is to bridge the gap between the mass market and blockchain economy.

During the next months, the team of highly professional QA engineers with experience in testing blockchain-based products will run functional and performance tests of the solution to ensure that it meets all requirements of the business and end users.

At the same time, the team of the a1qa test engineers will develop the test automation solution to minimize QA costs and shorten time-to-market.

The main objective of the project is to give users safe and reliable access to the blockchain and opportunity to complete fast and secure transactions herewith.

Why trust a1qa Dedicated Team?

Today, the Dedicated Team Model is gaining its popularity in the outsourcing business, which is proved by the numbers: 60% of the current projects at our company are running the model.

What Are the Advantages of the DTM?

  • Minimal Risks

To handle all project needs, the team of optimal size and experience is assembled. QA engineers will always be committed to strict information confidentiality.

  • Seamless Integration

The testing approach is adjusted to all project and business demands.

  • Speaking Your Language

Engineers are assigned to one project only, identify all crucial issues and understand how to achieve your business goals.

  • Full Transparency

The client is able to supervise the whole process without wasting resources on managing every stage.

We recommend to consider buying a dedicated QA team, if:

  • You want to establish long-term business relationships with the QA provider
  • The IT project requirements are not that strict and are likely to change
  • The QA team is likely to be increased as the project develops
  • You have no intention / resources to train or manage your in-house QA team
  • You need to reduce the total QA and software testing costs.

Want to get more information on the terms and conditions of getting the dedicated QA team? Contact us and we will provide you with the details.

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