Telecom software testing

We help you keep pace with emerging tech, release faster, and enable flawless security

Telecom software testing ensures the systems meet all the voice, data, and video communication requirements. It includes polishing the quality of various telecom systems such as OSS/BSS, resource inventory software, document, and reporting solutions, as well as performing VoIP and IVR testing. 

With deep expertise in key industry trends, including 5G, cloud, NaaS, IoT, and AI, we assist mobile and fixed communications providers and software integration and development companies in growing businesses and providing the impeccable operation of mobile networks in the competitive telecom sector.  

Telecom software systems we test

With more than 20 years of telecom domain expertise, we are proficient in testing various structural modules and software systems used in your business processes.
Operational support systems (OSS)
Business support systems (BSS)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
Customer relationship management (CRM) software
Business intelligence (BI) platforms
Media and entertainment software
Call center solutions
Enterprise web applications
SDN/NFV networks

Trusted by global telecom enterprises

Timely testing made it possible to detect and fix defects in the new solution, while test automation accelerated the validation of new releases and greatly sped up time to production.
Effective communication within the QA team and with large geographically distributed teams of developers enabled to overcome time zone differences, promptly solve all the issues and deliver up to par.

Director of Infrastructure Projects at a global telecom company

a1qa has become our trusted technology partner with their ability to add value to areas of quality assurance and functional enhancement. We are nothing but happy with the level of services delivered within the scope of the current partnership and would be pleased to recommend a1qa to the companies seeking unprecedented quality of their complex software solutions.

Senior Director Platforms & Operations at an international association

We must admire the professionalism of the experienced engineers, the maturity of the processes, and the ability to be flexible on the project. QA project managers’ attitude towards the working process initiation and successful collaboration with the development team is worth mentioning. We would also like to thank you for the knowledge-sharing seminars, you’ve held for us.

Head of IT Division at a worldwide telecom company

We offer diverse types of testing for your telecom software

a1qa is there to help you perform any telco-related activities without service outages or security breaches, as well as ensure boosted telecommunication network capacity and broadband connectivity.

QA consulting and analysis

To refine a QA strategy and processes held in companies or embed them, we audit QA processes for telecom integrators and service providers and consult on migration testing, Parallel/Dry Run techniques, UAT, smoke testing, system tests, approaches for performance testing, test automation. We also submit recommendations for implementing improvements.

Acceptance testing

To provide a flawless experience for end users, we run acceptance tests for new and updated billing systems, CRM and ERP solutions, contact and call centers, document and reporting systems, etc., and evaluate their quality. Afterward, we make a final determination on accepting them into the production environment, depending on the obtained test results.

OSS/BSS testing

To ensure that the most critical functions, such as billing, payments, service activation, bandwidth management, etc., operate correctly and in compliance with requirements, we perform end-to-end service verification.

Regression testing

To make sure that the recent code changes haven’t negatively affected the well-working functionality and eliminate accumulated technical debt, we help you introduce regression testing at the early SDLC stages through test automation and functional testing.

Security testing

To safeguard subscriber bases, sensitive information they possess, OSS/BSS, and similar systems for storing data from internal and external cyber threats, we infuse the best DevSecOps practices. We also conduct penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, static code analysis, and more.

Performance testing

To ensure that systems respond to numerous requests from subscribers and to make sure that billing, CRMs, other critical parts responsible for providing telecom services can receive and quickly process them, we carry out diverse client- and/or server-side verifications, be it stress or load testing. 

Migration testing

To ensure the full migration of data to a new OSS/BSS, the response time of the target software is the same or less, and novel systems and data in them comply with requirements, we apply Parallel and Dry Run methods during migration testing.

Cloud testing 

To eliminate weak points, simplify testing processes, and boost scalability, we assess cloud infrastructure, including virtual elements such as NFV/SDN, any cloud-driven telecom solution, e.g., hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), and data centers. 

Mobile app testing

To deliver flawless UX across diverse devices, we validate mobile applications for self-service purposes such as checking subscription and balance status, making payments, messaging operators/users, and extra apps provided by telecom companies, e.g., streaming services. The usage of 300+ a1qa’s in-house items increases testing accuracy and helps spot more issues specific to mobile hardware and OSs.

Integration testing

To establish successful interoperability of OSS/BSS, real-time interaction of integrated telecom software components such as billing systems, CRMs, other parts of telecom solutions, and unhindered data transfer between them, we test them as a unity applying a big bang, top-down, bottom-up, or hybrid strategy. 

Functional testing

To enable stable software operation and identify critical issues before going live, we’re able to join the project at any SDLC stage. We create test approaches, test plans, test scenarios, and test cases and perform manual testing of diverse telecom solutions — from convergent billing and self-service systems to resource inventory solutions and integration platforms. 

Compatibility testing

To provide consistently equal software operation and cater to the demands of target audiences, we check mobile and web applications, self-service systems, solutions for working with tariffs and subscriptions, and functionality of call center applications across different browsers, platforms, and OSs.

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Test automation lifecycle to deliver top-tier software faster

With automated testing of regression activities, we decrease costs, enlarge test coverage, minimize human error risks, eliminate technical debt, and meet quality gates.

We employ an effective toolkit, including Selenium, Appium, Playwright, and in-house Aquality Automation framework developed at our R&D test automation center to streamline the process. The solution:

  • Supports programming languages such as Java, C#, JS, and Python
  • Enables smooth test development for web, mobile, and desktop product types
  • Ensures top-rated scalability and visualizes test results
  • Leverages AI elements to provide smart bug pre-submission and define the root cause of test failures

Ever-growing set of telecom testing tools

We have solid experience in working with best-of-breed industry solutions. Our background includes, but is not limited to, the following software:
  • BSS/OSS by Orga Systems
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 by Microsoft
  • BSCS iX by Ericsson
  • Digital BSS by Ericsson
  • Leap Billing by FTS

Shift-left testing to drive quality on a consistent basis

We shift testing left to speed up the release pace, detect issues at the earliest development stages, and reduce testing costs. How does it work?

Testing solution
Our testers start developing test cases already during the requirements phase and continue testing at each SDLC stage. This way, we ensure brisk troubleshooting of QA pain points that become more complicated as development moves forward.
  • Continuous and quick feedback
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Cost-effective QA processes
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Improved software quality
  • High resistance to cybersecurity threats
Our domain knowledge and contribution to telecom testing gained international recognition

We help our clients from the telecom industry reach desired business outcomes through professional QA. a1qa is a GOLD GLOBEE® WINNER in the IT Products & Services for Telecommunications category.

Ensure flawless operation of your telecom business

When do you need independent QA?

Choose thorough telecom testing services when facing one of the following challenges or planning significant transformations:

Complex digital transformations

Can you perform transformations without compromising software quality and successfully overcome challenges related to software, devices, system interactions, and provisioning?

Lack of domain-specific expertise

Do you have to spend extensive time and money resources on constant education of internal teams to reach set goals?

Overloaded working processes

Do you confront postponed deadlines, a decrease in the quality of work, unnecessary extra activities, and a frazzled squad due to low team capacity and overladen workflows?

Poor team productivity

Do you struggle to grow your business due to delays in project timelines, increased operational costs, and reduced profitability caused by low team performance?

Inaccurate project estimations

Do you often face release schedule delays, lost profit, and a demotivated team under constant pressure all due to the shortage of best practices when planning project costs?

Limited test coverage

Is it challenging for you to provide a flawless user experience because of multiple issues in the production environment?

Shortage of test automation in place

Is it complicated for you to validate end-to-end business flows and maintain high software quality because of long testing cycles, human error risks, and poor test coverage?

Unoptimized budget

Do you overspend but attain little progress due to performing unsuitable checks and hesitating about which toolkits, technologies, and approaches to use to set up QA practices?

Why a1qa?

20 years of experience

We’ve already figured out what QA approaches work best for enhancing the quality of your telecom software.

Ongoing training

We continuously educate QA engineers in the internal a1qa Academy to sharpen their skills.

Team scalability

We briskly ramp the team up or down to cope with changing project workflows.

Niche expertise

With 100+ successfully performed telecom projects, we can smoothly solve any industry-related testing challenges.

Operational benefits

We don’t just test. We help our clients expedite time to market up to 10 times.

Improvement of QA processes

We develop an in-house CoE for telecom to provide best practices, research, and training to increase testing efficiency.

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