a1qa provides high quality of three telecom industry software products

... High qualification of the a1qa team, optimally tuned processes within the company and on the project, well-established communication with Bercut specialists allow us to achieve goals and solve all working issues quickly and efficiently. We thank the a1qa team for their professionalism, client-oriented and individual approaches. We recommend the company as a reliable partner and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.


Bercut – a global distributor of telecommunication IT solutions for large service providers, telecom operators, and their partners – turned to a1qa to provide quality and accelerate time to market of key software packages.

The a1qa involvement was related to ensuring the quality of three software products:

  • A convergent billing and customer service system designed to offer a universal line of services for various types of networks.
  • A comprehensive self-service system that simplifies the process of managing services for subscribers, ensures their round-the-clock availability and helps operators build omnichannel marketing.
  • An integration platform that allows operators to deliver end-to-end services to subscribers by creating their business-oriented solutions and integrating with other Bercut systems.

The cooperation began with a set of activities directed at automated regression testing. The next step was related to other areas of ensuring the quality of Bercut software products as part of billing services.

As the project has been developing, the a1qa engineers carried out:

  • Automated regression testing

It is performed during each release of new software product versions to the market. As a result, fewer defects are reproduced on the client side, and the time spent on regression testing is reduced.

a1qa engineers developed automated tests to be easily maintained by the customer’s specialists.

  • Functional testing

The a1qa team developed test models, manual functional tests and performed testing of new software versions.

  • Training a client team

To help the customer’s specialists delve deeply into manual testing approaches and automation practices, the a1qa team held several training courses and working sessions.

This has empowered the client’s QA team and improved collaboration with a1qa engineers.

Smart team scalability

The scope of work and the tasks set on the project were changing over time, which entailed scaling up the QA team.

When the team needed to be expanded, a1qa engaged internal QA specialists with the necessary level of qualification and knowledge in the telecom industry.

The process of increasing the number of engineers was effective due to the tuned training practices, internal quality control of the work done, and the created knowledge base.

After completing the extra workload, the project team size was decreased.

The customer marked the a1qa responsible approach. The partnership continues and develops until now.

The goals of the project were timely achieved thanks to the regularly conducted retrospective, detailed reporting, transparent processes, as well as established communication with Bercut specialists.

  • Functional testing
  • Test automation
  • Regression testing
  • Allure
  • Jenkins
  • SOAP
  • PyTest
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Oracle
  • The a1qa team has met the targets, which allowed ensuring the quality of three software packages.
  • QA specialists optimized the resource spent on regression testing of new versions of IT solutions.
  • Due to the holistic testing approach, timely releases of software products in the market were guaranteed.
  • 1+
    year lasted the project
  • 20+
    QA engineers were engaged
  • 3
    software products were tested
  • 3,500+
    automated tests were developed
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