Fixed-price QA projects

We help you deliver successful testing projects within a set budget and schedule, thus ensuring high predictability, transparency, greater control, and lowered risks

Benefits of fixed-priced cooperation with a1qa

Predictable budget

A set price for a specific project or service allows our clients to feel more confident about future costs and mitigate overspending risks.

Less stress for clients

a1qa assumes full responsibility for running a project, which means that our clients can spend more time on other high-priority tasks.

Foreseeable timeframe

a1qa delivers QA activities in accordance with an agreed-upon timeline, which eliminates delays or missed deadlines.

Meticulous planning

a1qa discusses project goals, scope, and deliverables with our clients in advance, so they can be confident in project outcomes.

Help with requirements

Should we identify areas in requirements in need of refinement, we offer feedback and propose improvements during the estimation phase.

High transparency

Having a dedicated contact point with a1qa, clients are always informed about the project’s state. We ensure complete transparency and offer clients round-the-clock access to task progression and execution results.

Our fixed-price-based software testing stages

When initiating your testing project with a1qa, you can rest assured that technicalities and project administration are taken care of. From infrastructure setup to team ramp-up, we handle everything on your behalf.

  1. Stage 1. Define scope

    Together with the client, we clarify project requirements, scope, and deadlines, advising on the best testing solution.

  2. Stage 2. Estimate costs

    We thoroughly analyze the resources necessary to complete the project on time, as well as relevant project risks and come up with a comprehensive proposal to discuss with the client.

  3. Stage 3. Select specialists

    We form technical requirements for the team, select the candidates with the most experience in the clients’ field, assign and introduce a QA manager as the main point of contact with the client, and agree on the project’s start date.

  4. Stage 4. Sign papers

    We respect clients’ internal policies and sign an NDA, SLA, or other required agreements to ensure data safety and provide the expected level of service. In addition, we sign SoW and MSA with accurately described scope, deliverables, timelines, and pricing.

  5. Stage 5. Execute project

    We delve into software specifics and requirements, create test strategy and documentation, and perform specified testing activities.

  6. Stage 6. Provide deliverables

    Regardless of the service provided, we create a detailed report with findings and analytics of testing results, detected issues, and software quality level. We track all defects in a bug-tracking system and attach screenshots and logs. If deliverables include technical aspects (e.g., source code, pipelines, configuration), we also create a knowledge transfer plan for the client’s team.

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When to opt for fixed-priced-based testing

Limited budget

Your budget is fixed and there is no room for cost overruns, but you need to get the maximal value out of the provided QA services.

Innovation-driven projects

You have to implement new methodologies or practices, which is a challenging task. We can help you start small by doing a PoC with a predefined scope.

One-off testing

You need a one-time assessment of your software’s quality, especially performance and cybersecurity testing done by niche experts.

Independent pre-release testing

You want to release software to production but need a fresh perspective on its quality.

Strict deadlines

You need to ensure effective results delivery within a specified time frame.

What our clients say

We decided that a1qa would be a perfect match to assist us in this project due to their deep understanding of our business needs, quick responses while communicating with us, vast software testing expertise, and a variety of pricing models.

We entrusted the process of selecting a QA team to a1qa. The company provided engineering team with the required level of functional and usability testing expertise.

Head of Digital at a beauty and wellness company

Adhering to our core objectives to shorten the delivery time and improve software quality, a1qa’s specialists built a custom-made test automation solution from scratch. By organizing automated script runs within three layers, the test automation team mitigated the risks of large-scale automated tests’ alterations, prevented checks duplicates, and shortened the testing time that resulted in a 22.5X boost.

We’d also like to mention a1qa’s initiative to share test automation expertise with our QA engineering team at a workshop. The a1qa specialists provided instructions on automated testing and demonstrated how the test automation solution worked in real-life mode.

Managing Director at an equipment and services corporation

Working with a1qa in one of our major retail banking project, was simply as working with an extension of ourselves in terms of communication as well as project coordination. Regarding the professionalism, knowledge and QA expertise from the a1qa team, the value added to both our project and our company towards implementing new ways of working and improving the quality of our services to our Client, was an outstanding step forward to help us to deliver as per Client expectations.

The QA Manager assigned to this project acted 100% like a resource reporting to us, but at the same time as a great consultant providing facts and ideas to keep improving our deliverables.

Chief Operations Officer at a software development company

Why a1qa?

20+ years of operation

We leverage a wide testing expertise, accumulated over two decades to ensure failsafe operation of diverse systems and platforms.

1,100+ QA specialists

We assign QA managers, architects, and engineers with the required competencies from our expansive talent pool to set up teams that help you meet your business goals on time.

Extensive technical knowledge

We nurture technology expertise in 10+ CoEs and R&Ds, craft in-house testing solutions, and advance QA experts’ competencies by developing practice-oriented courses in a proprietary QA Academy.

10+ industries covered

We have already delivered 1,500+ projects and can ensure flawless operation of software for telecom, IT and software development, BFSI, eHealth, eCommerce, eLearning, media and entertainment, and other industries.

High flexibility

We are highly responsive to clients’ needs and can start most projects within a two-week interval, joining the project at any stage, be it requirements testing or code development.

Business and operational benefits

We always care about our clients and go beyond their expectations. That’s why we don’t just test but also help accelerate time to market, lower operational expenditure, and boost customer experience.

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