a1qa supports premium content services provider on 3 high-priority products

a1qa was contacted to provide the impeccable quality of the solutions within three projects.
Functional testing
Integration testing
Media and entertainment
Mobile app testing
Performance testing


The client is a US-based provider of content monetization technology for entertainment and media companies.

The customer offers managed services for linear and on-demand viewing that support rental, sell-through, ad-supported, and subscription business models.

The company manages more than 28,000 hours of content monthly from 460 content providers and reaches over 100 million households through 550 service providers.

The company’s services, including video on demand (VOD), multiplatform, advanced advertising, creative services, and data analytics, are available in 37 countries and 15 languages.

To deliver robust and reliable solutions, the customer was looking for a QA vendor. After a thorough search, the a1qa engineers were invited.

Services offered

Functional testing
Integration testing
Mobile app testing
Performance testing

Project scope

Project one

The customer reached out to a1qa to perform functional testing of the web and mobile applications that allowed users to watch movies online. Some of the apps were developed for underage viewers, others were geographically restricted.

Having considered all the specifics, the a1qa team did the following:

  • Tested the website for compatibility with 12 browsers
  • Tested the mobile apps against 22 devices (7 for iOS and 15 for Android).

Effective customer communication is a cornerstone for every project. As it was agreed, the a1qa QA Manager communicated with the customer on a daily basis discussing the scope of work and upcoming release issues.

The artifacts that the QA team produced to give the customer information on the products quality included:

  • QA reports
  • Detailed issues listed in a bug-tracking system, comprising screenshots and video clips.

Project two

The customer asked a1qa to run performance testing on their stage environment covering typical user journeys. To cope with the task, three QA engineers were assigned.

The objectives were the following:

  • To predict how the system would react to user actions under the expected load
  • To analyze the response time of the application under a heavy load that would be concurrent 30K users on the platform over the span of 1hr
  • To measure the key performance characteristics of the system (the supported number of concurrent users, the important transactions response time, the number of requests and transactions per second)
  • To find the upper limit of the load capacity and evaluate the system stability under peak loads.

The a1qa team defined what tools were better for the customer needs and wrote custom scripts to perform load testing of the products.

The engineers conducted three iterations of stress tests for the system to verify its performance characteristics by simulating the activity of a given number of concurrent users.

Performance testing included:

  • System analysis
  • Scripts development
  • Configuration of load generators
  • Preliminary test launches
  • Stress test execution
  • Results analysis.

In the end, the detailed Performance Testing Report was developed. It contained the following information:

  • Statistics on the response time from the server for the most crucial transactions
  • Diagrams that showed the dependence of the system performance on the number of concurrent users
  • Data about the maximum possible number of concurrent users that would allow the system to cope with the load
  • Error statistics
  • Conclusions on the system performance in general, its performance bottlenecks.

Project three

The customer developed mobile apps and a website player for SVOD content streaming. As part of this new project, they were adding a new TVOD feature to the existing iOS and Android apps and developed TVOD feature in a new website that replaced the old one.

The product under test provides users with the ability to watch videos/movies/TV shows online, users can download videos as well. It’s possible to continue watching or watch downloaded item on any registered device (the system allows registering 5 devices per user).

The a1qa team performed testing in 5 browsers and against 4 mobile devices.


  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Android WebView
  • MS Edge
  • Internet Explorer.

Operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10.

Technologies & tools

  • Web
  • Android
  • Google Doc
  • iTools
  • MS Visual Studio
  • Amazon WS
  • iOS
  • Redmine
  • Virtual Box
  • Fiddler
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Zabbix


  • Timely and thorough testing helped the client deliver key software products to the market in the shortest time possible and create a respected perception of the brand in the eyes of the direct consumers.
  • Due to the participation of a1qa, users from 37 countries have round-the-clock reliable access to multimedia content from their devices.

In numbers

software products tested
mobile devices used for running tests
compliance with the project budget and timeline

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