QA support for eCommerce

We help you deliver a smooth customer experience, shorten website loading time, and boost profitability with professional quality assurance

Comprehensive QA for eCommerce solutions

We provide full-cycle QA services for retailers, eCommerce store owners, and online marketplaces to help them ensure failsafe operation of online stores, withstand peak sales periods, protect end-user data, and enhance conversion rates.

We ensure high quality of various eCommerce applications:

Content management systems (CMS)
mCommerce applications
Digital commerce marketplaces
Auction sites
eCommerce portals
Dropshipping platforms
Inventory management solutions
Secure payment gateways
Personalization tools and recommendation engines
Customer relationship management (CRM) software
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

eCommerce platforms we work with

ECommerce sites we test are powered by the following platforms:

Client experiences

We appreciate a1qa’s amazing job, proactive approach, and willingness to deliver high-quality testing services, which are reflected in the ability to find defects in complex scenarios that show great understanding of the solution.

Most importantly a1qa team members are very professional, have been easy to work with, and make a great addition to any strong software team. All our teams are very grateful to work with a1qa and have expressed often the benefit a strong testing organization is bringing to our team and to the products we deliver as a whole.

Delivery Director at a full-service digital consultancy

The engineers performed thorough functional testing of all the products and assisted in test automation implementation. They also went the extra mile to help introduce Xray, agile test case management tool, in order to streamline QA process within the agile best practices.

When required, the team was operating overtime and helped to guide users through UAT phases and ensure successful releases.

With all that said, we thank the a1qa engineers for being professional in responding to all our needs. They’ve made a great contribution and helped us ensure high quality of the business crucial software within the set time, budget, and plan.”

IT Director at a retailer of kitchens
Ensure error-free operation of your eCommerce solutions

Our testing services

We polish software quality and speed up testing cycles leveraging the following types of testing:

Performance testing

With server- and client-side performance testing types and a special focus on scalability and load testing, we ensure high loading speed. We verify that software smoothly operates under maximum loads daily and during peak seasons, such as Cyber Week, New Year, Independence Day, and Labour Day sales, and other shopping events.

Localization and internationalization testing

When testing eCommerce websites, we verify their operation and usability in different regions. We ensure the translation doesn’t contain any gaps and grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. We also check if currency and other symbols match cultural specifics.

Integration testing

We provide smooth interaction of eCommerce apps with extensions, CRMs, ERPs, inventory management systems, and email marketing products and ensure smooth data flow between them.

User experience testing

With usability testing, we verify that eCommerce websites are intuitive and easy to use to identify areas for improvement and create a better online shopping experience.

Cybersecurity testing

To prevent hacker attacks, protect personal and financial customer data, and spot exploitable vulnerabilities, we apply security testing tailored to clients’ business needs and software specifics, including penetration and compliance checkups.

Data migration testing

Client data should be carefully migrated when moving to another eCommerce platform or in case of a significant legacy system upgrade. We verify that information is transferred fully and without duplicates.

Functional testing

Our testers screen crucial elements, such as a homepage, search bar, navigation, product details pages and lists of recommended products, pricing, shopping cart, operations with credit cards, diverse payment options, social media integration, and post-purchase functionality to confirm the flawless operation of our clients’ eCommerce solution.

Automated testing

In addition to manual testing, we set up automated QA workflows from scratch and enhance existing test automation solutions to help eCommerce companies cope with high regression testing scope, accelerate app testing time, decrease costs, increase test coverage, and reduce human errors.

Compatibility testing

We help eCommerce companies ensure a consistent user experience regardless of the browser, OS, screen resolution, connectivity protocols, or other variables by performing cross-browser and cross-platform testing.

eCommerce systems we test

To help eCommerce business owners ensure a seamless shopping experience, we test a variety of industry-specific solutions:

Checkout and payment gateways

We ensure the failsafe operation of payment gateways and verify the checkout process to confirm the reliability, performance, and security of online users’ transactions and provide a seamless payment experience.

AR/VR-based software

We test AR/VR applications to ensure the smooth work of virtual showrooms, provide buyers with the flawless operation of a try-before-you-buy feature, obtain product details after scanning them using smartphones, and deliver accurate preview placement.

Mobile apps

Our experts perform testing of headless commerce, open-source, and SaaS eCommerce mobile applications to confirm their error-free operation on diverse mobile devices by evaluating functionality, usability, security, compatibility, and other vital aspects.

Web solutions

Depending on the client’s business needs, we apply a vast scope of verifications to prevent errors in the operation of online stores and facilitate buying experience.

ERP systems

We check that all ERP system modules function as expected, the software withstands high loads, is secure, easy to use, and can be easily scaled with new functionality to help eCommerce companies effectively automate their pivotal processes.

CMS solutions

We gauge CMS functionality, performance, and usability to help eCommerce organizations create and work with digital content and modify how online stores look and are perceived.

CRM software

We ensure high quality and integrity of customer data, confirm correct operation of all software features, help attain high security and performance, and check integration with all components of a current eCommerce ecosystem to help companies manage customers and optimize workflows with high- performing software.

Agile expertise to improve your business outcomes

Agile practices support a customer-centric approach, flexibility, and fast feedback loops, which is essential for the eCommerce industry. Specifically, SAFe includes portfolio management practices, which are valuable for eCommerce businesses that operate various product lines and online stores.

Therefore, be it a switch to any Agile methodology or implementation of SAFe, we efficiently manage these transformations and cope with possible pitfalls, helping our clients ensure effective customer journeys, speed up testing cycles, and outpace high market competition.

Best Agile Project category finalist at The European Software Testing Awards 2022.

Why do eCommerce players and retailers choose a1qa?

Overcome compliance issues

We make sure that software complies with industry regulations, such as PCI, COPPA, GDPR, etc., to help eCommerce businesses prevent class action lawsuits or criminal charges.

Decrease operational expenditure

We assign experienced QA experts who apply the best testing strategies and methods, helping you save time and effort on educating staff, boosting software quality, and avoiding in-house team overload.

Leverage multi-year expertise

We consistently nurture 10+ CoEs and R&Ds, helping accumulate technical expertise, sharpen the skills of our QA engineers, and apply best-of-breed testing tools and techniques.

Set up transparent QA 

We adjust our KPI system to the business needs of our clients and establish clear and measurable quality assurance workflows.

Ensure consistent service delivery

We assign proficient QA managers who control the entire eCommerce testing process across all SDLC stages so that you can focus on other high-priority objectives.

Continuously improve 

We perform rigorous project audits and apply industry best practices and diverse testing techniques to strengthen QA workflows, optimizing resources and delivery speed.

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