Quality assurance of kitchen retailer’s software, WMS, and CRM systems

The client pitched on a1qa to supplement the in-house testing team, assist in test automation of complex IT solution and strengthen the quality of the products.
Dedicated QA teams
Functional testing
Regression testing
Test automation
Usability testing


The client is a British manufacturer and kitchen retailer. Users can design kitchens applying a 2D/3D computer-aided solution and buy them through the client’s product. To manage the manufacturing, the client uses CRM and WMS systems. They automate business operations and fulfill orders and goods processing.

Willing to ensure the high-quality release of a fast-growing business and an ambitious delivery roadmap, the client was looking for professional and fast learning QA engineers able to quickly adapt to any changes.

Therefore, the customer pitched on a1qa to supplement an in-house testing team and evaluate the quality of the upcoming solutions.

Services offered

Functional testing
Test automation
GUI testing
Regression testing
Defects validation

Project scope

Considering the strict release time limitations, it was vital to meet time to market criteria and provide high quality.

The a1qa engineers smoothly integrated into client’s Agile processes and started contributing to the software product quality. The team carefully studied the product, prepared test documentation, and performed thorough manual testing.

As the project was growing fast, the team understood the importance of regression testing. The engineers performed it after the releases without affecting new features quality.

The WMS solution required high attention: the system was responsible for accounting goods in stock and managing users’ orders. It was vital to ensure it would work properly streamlining end-to-end user journeys.

To test all the scenarios in real life, the a1qa team simulated the process of receiving new goods, transferring them between the stocks, and making orders. To track goods delivery and orders status, the engineers utilized a barcode reader – the same as was used in the client’s warehouse.

This holistic approach allowed testing the client’s system based on the users’ journeys and assuring the software quality in production.

Throughout the project, test automation was introduced. The solution under test was quite challenging – the 2D/3D computer-aided design module with various objects and their operations on the screen.

Initially, the client was worried as the system was highly sophisticated and required specific expertise. However, the a1qa specialists prepared a pilot test automation project that satisfied the client. Now more than 1,000 automated tests are run against 12 environments.

With the pace of development rapidly increasing, the client faced the need in more QA resources. The a1qa team involvement that started with one engineer gradually increased to a team of 20 people working on different client’s products.

The client admitted a1qa agility and the level of the engineers’ professional knowledge. Each QA specialist quickly integrated into the project, learned the domain fast, and fully matched the client’s expectations.

To improve testing processes, the a1qa experts suggested integrating the Xray Agile test case management tool into the project. It helped the client make the testing process more clear and precise, have better visibility of the product quality, and smoothly integrate testing into SDLC.

The partnership with the client continues up to now, and the a1qa engineers are involved in 11 subprojects assuring the quality of the overall software product in cooperation with the in-house team.

Technologies & tools

  • Jira
  • Postman
  • Workbench
  • Sentry
  • Emissary
  • Xray
  • MySQL
  • Rundeck
  • Jenkins


  • Introduced, established, and shaped test automation best practices despite high product complexity.
  • Increased process transparency by choosing and applying the apt tool (Xray).
  • Introduced a real device (barcode reader) usage into testing to emulate the end-user journeys and prevent even a single defect enter the production environment.
  • Smart team scalability and the ability to quickly delve into the tricky aspects of the system allowed the client to speed up t2m and release the high-quality product.

In numbers

years of project duration
QA engineers working on the project
subprojects the team is involved in
automated tests written
environments set up

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