QA of financial software

We offer holistic quality assurance support to help you release robust BFSI software and ensure compliance with regulatory and security standards

BFSI solutions we test

We help banks, insurance companies, and fintech startups to gain a competitive edge with dependable software.

Banking of things

We verify the functionality, security, and performance of smart ATMs or digital wallets embedded into mobile phones that leverage IoT for interacting and data sharing. We ensure smooth network operation and reliability, as well as sensitive data protection even with software and firmware updates.

Investment management solutions

We verify data processing and management of vast dynamic data volumes; make functional verifications to confirm the investment management software operates as expected; apply security checks to prevent disclosure of sensitive financial information; run performance tests to confirm the software can operate under high loads.

Payment processing software

We ensure the speed, security, and reliability of domestic and international transactions. We verify diverse payment types and identify issues, such as declined or incomplete transactions, and inability to add payment methods. We also test compliance with international regulations, such as GDPR or PCI DSS.

Stock trading platforms

We evaluate the entire functionality of the trading software, its performance, resistance to cyber attacks or data leakages, ease of use, and ability to seamlessly integrate with other third-party systems.

Mobile banking products

We run usability tests to make sure that the software is user-friendly and intuitive, apply functional tests to confirm that all features perform well, boost protection with security testing, and increase processing speed with performance verifications.

Open banking

We test data security focusing on multi-factor authentication, validate software limits under high loads, check data response and behavior of API queries, and verify open banking integration with third-party systems, such as diverse payment solutions.

Core banking systems

We provide thorough, continuous testing of the back-end functionality of core banking systems, including corporate banking software, private wealth management solutions, to ensure high quality of all banking operations, unmatched speed, and full data protection.

Advanced technologies we specialize in


We test blockchain-based solutions, including smart contracts, wallets, NFT marketplaces, decentralized apps (dApps), to make sure they function in line with specifications, can handle increased loads, and are resistant to cyber threats. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We define test scenarios, use realistic test data, check that RPA software meets functional and non-functional requirements, review its operation when using large data inputs, and verify recovery mechanisms. Thus, we identify bottlenecks, helping avoid increased fixing costs if spotting bugs late in the SDLC.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We test AI-powered fintech software, assessing the effectiveness of the implemented AI/ML models. Our QA experts check the quality and integrity of data used for model training to ensure the models deliver accurate results. We work with various AI-enabled solutions, from AI assistants and credit scoring systems to algorithmic trading software.

AR/VR technologies

We apply a variety of QA services to test AR/VR-based software used by banks to interact with customers and deliver streamlined, personalized services. Thus, we can improve usability, performance, security, and compatibility across diverse devices, consoles, and OSs.

Cloud computing and infrastructure

We test the functionality and integrity of the fintech solutions that reside in the cloud to ensure they are reliable and resilient to attacks. We assess the solution’s scalability and performance under peak loads, as well as check its disaster recovery and data security mechanisms.

Software testing services we deliver

We provide a variety of testing services across any SDLC stage:

Compliance testing

We help companies prevent consumer harm or law violations by checking BFSI solutions’ compliance with regulatory and security standards presented by PCI DSS, ISO 20022, ISO/TC 68, SOX.

Cybersecurity testing

Through vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and other security verifications based on OWASP, we help BFSI market players safeguard financial data and enhance software protection from malicious intruders.

Performance testing

With client- and server-side performance verifications and monitoring, we make sure that online banking platforms, loan origination systems, and other financial software work effectively regardless of load, allowing for quick transactions and data exchange.

Integration testing

We make sure that solutions, such as core banking, credit and loans, fraud management, and investment systems integrate with one another and operate well when interacting with external payment gateways or other third-party services.

Functional testing

We assist companies with releasing Internet banking systems, investment and stock management solutions, and financial management products. We compile a test strategy and documentation and apply functional testing verifications to validate software against specifications, providing maximized test coverage and minimized business risks.

Accessibility testing

We ensure that individuals with disabilities can access and use diverse BFSI software, such as investment banking software, mobile banking applications, electronic payment systems. All software facets are examined to guarantee adherence to international accessibility standards, including WCAG 2.0, ADA, and Section 508.

Usability testing

We make sure that multiple financial solutions, such as credit management systems or core banking software, are intuitive and user-friendly, thus increasing conversion rates and boosting customer satisfaction.

Compatibility testing

Regardless of the browser or platform applied by end users of BFSI software, we deliver compatibility testing services to confirm that it can run in any environment.

End-to-end testing and UAT

We test the entire operation of BFSI software, from start to finish, to confirm the coherent work of all its components and validate its behavior, including its functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

Attain failsafe operation of financial software

Optimize QA with continuous testing

To obtain fast feedback on software quality and prevent missing deadlines, we provide ongoing evaluation of BFSI solutions with continuous testing and test automation. Paired together, they extend test coverage, accelerate release cycles, and decrease the costs of fixing defects due to their early identification.

To ease the testing process and improve efficiency, we leverage a tailored Aquality Automation framework that serves for diverse programming languages, allows creating tests for web/mobile/desktop solutions, and applies AI to locate the source of issues.

Our happy clients say

We were searching for true QA professionals with deep technical experience. Looking back, the a1qa team turned out to be the perfect match, resonating with our needs. We value the QA team’s strong communication skills, proactivity, and tireless desire to make valuable improvements.

We thank the a1qa company for the work done and would be glad to continue our fruitful cooperation.”

Head of Client Success at a financial company

We were not doubting while choosing an independent QA vendor, as the company’s QA engineers have successfully coped with testing the performance of our online banking system. Therefore, we entrusted a1qa to provide security assessment of our mobile and web applications.

We would like to express appreciation to our partner for the proactive approach to work and high professional standards. We truly recommend a1qa to the companies seeking for a reliable QA vendor.

Chairman of the Management Board at a leading bank

Having started the project, we admitted that the QA specialists were working hard and showed ever-increasing proactivity being always ready to set up any process from scratch. Our cooperation has been lasting for four years and we still mark the professionalism of the dedicated QA team in transferring QA knowledge and their in-depth expertise in the required QA fields including rigorous SAP Hybris testing.

We thank a1qa for high-level professionalism in all spheres starting from in-depth software skills up to the communication process. We are proud to have such a reliable QA partner and are looking forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation.

CTO at an insurance company
Polish the quality of financial software with professional QA

Industry recognition

The finalist of the North American Software Testing Awards 2022 in the Best Overall Testing Project – Finance category.

Challenges that BFSI companies can mitigate with professional QA and software testing

Concerns with testing complex calculations

A failure to ensure high-quality financial calculations, analyze risks, or generate reports results in erroneous information and inability to accurately make data-driven decisions.

Shortage of standards for the newest technologies

The blockchain industry lacks standardized testing frameworks and guidelines, making it challenging to establish best practices for testing. The same applies to RPA and AI/ML-based solutions.

Struggling with legacy systems

Insufficient testing of BFSI legacy systems or a lack of QA support when switching to modernized solutions can cause issues related to functional and non-functional software aspects or even downtime.

Lack of proficient QA experts and managers

A shortage of professionals experienced in testing complex software can cause security, performance, integration, or functional issues.

Inability to ensure quality using real devices

A scarcity of quality testing on real mobile devices can result in reduced test coverage, affecting the software performance and user experience.

Why a1qa?

20+ years delivering QA services

We cover all QA needs, allowing companies to benefit from a wide variety of QA services in one place without the associated costs of QA team setup.

10+ CoEs and R&Ds

Our QA engineers and managers grow professionally, master diverse tools, and work with systems of diverse complexities.

1,100+ full-time QA experts

We assign skilled QA engineers with the required technical and industry expertise to solve QA-related issues, meet set milestones, and boost the quality of financial software.

Professional management

We completely control the testing process across all SDLC stages so that you can focus on other high-priority objectives.

Team scalability

We provide tailored team compositions and can quickly ramp QA teams up or down depending on the changing workload.

Fine-tuned processes

We follow ISO 9001/27001 standards, best practices, and track progress with KPIs to organize and manage QA workflows and mitigate risks.

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