QA for game development

We render comprehensive QA services to help game developers ensure failsafe operation of their software solutions

Gaming solutions we test

With over 20 years of experience, we apply effective testing solutions to provide stellar quality of the following software:

  • PC games
  • Mobile games
  • Social media games
  • AR/VR-driven games
  • Gambling games
  • Game-based learning solutions
  • Console games
  • Multiplayer online games

Our gaming software testing expertise

Craft engaging games with comprehensive QA support tailored to industry specifics.

Compatibility testing

We ensure correct operation of games for consoles, personal computers, mobile devices, or web browsers, accounting for different hardware and software configurations. We also keep minimum and recommended game requirements for OS, CPU, RAM, and GPU while selecting devices for compatibility testing.

Localization testing

We help games appeal to a global audience by reviewing localized scripts, voice-overs, subtitles, and other text elements for any issues. We also verify local nuances, such as symbols, currencies, date and time formatting.

Performance testing

We fulfill both server- and client-side performance testing and focus on metrics such as CPU and memory utilization, latency, response time, and concurrent user sessions. We help to eliminate game freezes and ensure the game is fast, stable, and can handle sudden load increases.

Functional testing

We apply smoke, exploratory, acceptance, and other functional testing types to validate that games run correctly and features operate under set specifications. During testing, we check the entire gaming flow, from registration to in-game purchases, and identify functionality, graphics, and game integrity issues.

Installation testing

We detect defects in the installation process of diverse games, verifying that players have a smooth first interaction with the software, which is vital for a positive player experience.

Compliance testing

We help game developers meet marketplace guidelines and regulatory standards, including PEGI, ESRB, and FTC, ensuring smooth game submissions and avoiding legal complications.

Regression testing

We confirm that any code changes such as patches for fixing problems, major updates for adding new features, or separately installed components haven’t caused software defects or system crashes.

Usability testing

We assess the graphical interface, confirm that game logic is intuitive and simple, and check the software is simple to master, thus enhancing player retention from the first use.

Test automation

We choose the scope for automation, introduce automated QA workflows, integrate them into CI/CD pipelines, and help maintain current or a newly set up test automation solution. We reduce testing cycle time, enlarge test coverage, and optimize operational expenditure.

Cybersecurity testing

We use penetration testing and static code analysis, evaluate software security, and offer detailed improvement recommendations to fortify games against potential threats, identify vulnerabilities, and protect players’ financial and personal data.

Elevate your game’s quality with our tailored QA services

Voices of our valued clients

Noteworthy is a1qa’s proactive approach, streamlined communication, and input into introducing improvements — each time any process or novel practice could have been enhanced, the engineers made every effort to commit to the process. Being an integral part of our team, they smoothly did their job helping us reach our business goals.

Head of QA at a gaming company

We wanted to push the envelope and ensure lightning-fast software operation under 10,000 concurrently working website visitors.

After looking at various partners to assist us in this project we felt that a1qa were the best choice after a pilot run, the outcomes of which exceeded our expectations.

CEO at a gaming company

While preparing to release new features within a short timeframe, we were looking for an experienced QA vendor able to briskly provide high-qualified software testing experts to support us and help reach our business goals. a1qa turned out to be a good match for our needs.

Director of QA at a metaverse development company
Boost gaming experience with professional software testing

Challenges forcing game developers choose independent QA

Inability to properly test multiplayer functionality

Limited internal resources can hinder the effective testing of game mechanics with large player counts. Leveraging external support helps verify the entire game functionality in the multiplayer mode, check server ability to withstand high loads, confirm correct software operation over local area networks or the Internet.

Issues in payment processes

Monetization hiccups due to payment issues can lead to lost profits and player drop-offs. Detailed testing of payment gateways and checking all the payment methods available in the game is vital for streamlining application monetization.

Poor QA processes

A lack of software testing processes leads to unmet quality gates, deadline delays, or budget overruns. Independent QA providers can advance testing methodologies and pinpoint process enhancements to prevent overspending and production-phase software issues.

Low cost-efficiency

In-house QA teams can be costly, especially with fluctuating workloads. Independent QA services offer economical solutions, allowing better allocation of QA engineers.

Integration bottlenecks

Faulty interactions between games or betting products and third-party systems can disrupt data flow and introduce bugs. Integration testing expertise is key to resolving such challenges.

Slow software delivery

Failure to adopt test automation and gather timely user feedback can extend testing cycles and overshoot budgets. External QA automation experts can streamline QA processes and maintain existing test automation solutions.

Scalability concerns

Failure to quickly scale testing processes to deliver top-tier operation during a massive influx of users can cause unplanned software downtimes. Proficient QA vendors can swiftly assign specialists to prepare gaming products for peak loads.

Why a1qa?

A one-stop shop for QA services

We provide full-cycle QA services to support game quality at any SDLC stage and ensure the released software operates as expected.

Continuous engineer upskilling

We run 10+ CoEs and R&Ds and develop in-house testing solutions to elevate QA efficiency.

Flexible engagement models

We offer different cooperation opportunities — advisory and consulting services, dedicated teams, or team augmentation.

Vast game testing expertise

We have already improved dozens of games of different genres, involving teams from 1 to 80 QA specialists ready to face new challenges and reach set business goals.

Proactive approach to QA

Our QA experts are passionate about games. They suggest game improvements and make every effort to reach clients’ goals.

Best-of-breed testing tools

We select tools, leverage various in-house devices for accurate testing results, and employ test automation solutions to optimize QA processes.

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