QA team augmentation

We quickly dedicate experienced QA experts to projects of varied duration and size to help companies address QA expertise gaps and meet release deadlines

Benefits of team augmentation with a1qa


You don’t have to spend significant financial and time resources on hiring and training internal staff. We can provide specialists with the required technical expertise to join projects and perform tasks immediately.

High speed

We quickly allocate QA team members based on your changing project needs. In most cases, our experts start working within two weeks.

Vast pool of QA specialists

a1qa unites 1,100+ QA specialists who can ensure high quality of software across 10+ industries. Our engineers are proficient in Agile methodologies, test systems and platforms of any type, and deliver a large set of services. a1qa’s managers supervise QA processes or establish them from scratch. Thus, we help our clients minimize recruitment risks and obtain talents with diverse skills at short notice.

Wide industry expertise

With over 20 years of operation, we’ve been providing companies across multiple industries (e.g., IT and software development, telecom, BFSI, eHealth, eCommerce) with professional QA and software testing, ensuring failsafe operation of IT products of varying complexity.

Smart staff replacement

When QA engineers are on vacation, sick leave, or other leave due to significant events, we provide full-fledged replacements to ensure business continuity.

Smooth scalability

With our support, companies of any scale can easily ramp up the number of QA specialists according to their evolved business needs and project requirements.

Eased management

Within the team augmentation model, the client manages the chosen QA specialists directly. However, we can assign a skilled project manager to ease the workload and help the client focus on other tasks.

Best QA practices

Relying on process-related knowledge accumulated within 10+ CoEs, R&Ds and 100+ courses provided by the internal a1qa Academy, we follow best-of-breed QA practices, develop in-house testing solutions, and help our clients improve or build effective QA processes.

High confidentiality

All our dedicated QA specialists sign an NDA and follow companies’ internal policies to ensure data protection and high working ethics.

How we augment our clients’ teams 

Be it manual testing, test automation, or any other QA activity, we expand our clients’ teams to cover any gaps in software testing skill and expertise.

We can provide a QA consultant to analyze project specifics and compile a precise scaling plan to reach set milestones.

  1. Stage 1. Requirements analysis

    We delve deep into clients’ business goals to plan testing types, timing, and experts’ required skills and competencies.

  2. Stage 2. Selection of suitable specialists

    Based on the findings, we compile a list of technical skills and knowledge requirements for future candidates. Then, we search through our extensive CV database to choose suitable applicants. After performing internal pre-screening of the candidate and picking the most suitable ones, we send chosen CVs for clients’ approval.

  3. Stage 3. Conducting interviews

    The client will conduct CV screening and interviews with our candidates to personally select the most suitable people and make sure they’ll match their in-house teams in terms of expertise level and cultural fit.

  4. Stage 4. Signing documents

    After the selection is done, we sign an NDA, SLA, and strictly follow clients’ internal policies to ensure ongoing protection of sensitive data.

  5. Stage 5. QA team integration

    We onboard selected experts and integrate them into current processes so that they start working on the clients’ project as soon as possible.

  6. Stage 6. Monitoring engineers’ progress

    We make sure that our QA engineers strictly follow the clients’ KPIs and metrics to ensure their productivity levels throughout the entire cooperation on the project.

QA competencies we provide

Manual QA engineer

  • takes part in planning sessions and requirements refinement
  • creates test documentation
  • executes manual testing
  • prepares quality reports
  • submits bugs and validates their fixes

QA automation engineer

  • helps define the automation scope
  • creates and executes automated scripts
  • develops and extends test automation frameworks
  • sets up QA automation infrastructure and pipelines

Performance testing engineer

  • evaluates application performance requirements and creates a testing strategy
  • defines all required testing types (stress, load, volume, scalability, stability, configuration)
  • creates and executes performance testing scripts
  • sets up system monitoring
  • provides a report on performance issues found

Cybersecurity testing engineer

  • helps to define scope of security checks
  • performs vulnerability assessments
  • performs penetration testing across selected attack vectors
  • creates a detailed report with all issues rated in accordance with the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS

What our clients say

Due to the well-tuned processes within the company, a1qa easily provided smart team scalability at the right moment. In this case, we marked the willingness of QA specialists to quickly immerse into new processes or adapt to current conditions.

We thank a1qa for productive and long-lasting cooperation and recommend the company as a reliable quality assurance provider.

Director at a software development company

We entrusted the process of selecting the QA team to a1qa, and they quickly provided us with experienced engineers who delved into project specifics at short notice. The experts assisted us in meeting set deadlines by performing functional, automated, and security QA.

We’d like to thank the a1qa team for doing a great job. Their dedication and hard work have helped us significantly boost the quality of our software  products.

VP Client of Client Solutions at a digital supply chain company

a1qa also promptly ramped up the team when required, helping us save time and decrease additional expenses.

Overall, a1qa’s specialists effectively work in a multi-task mode and find solutions in challenging situations. They are proactive, flexible, and self-reliant.

We would like to express sincere gratitude to a1qa for always being responsive and professional! We’d be glad to develop our partnership further.

Digital Platforms & Engineering | Global at a real estate company

When to augment QA teams using a1qa services

Lack of QA expertise

The shortage of certain competencies in in-house software testing teams leads to the late detection of defects in the SDLC.

Slow project pace

The lack of extra QA resources hinders the team from meeting deadlines and releasing software on schedule.

Long onboarding process

Time-consuming knowledge sharing procedures for new QA team members prevent them from testing software quickly.

The need for extra help

Peak periods in the project, such as preparing software for high sales seasons or major releases, can overburden in-house teams and necessitate additional support.

Regular team overwork

An insufficient number of QA engineers on the project results in regular overtime, reduced attention due to fatigue, and the possibility of overlooked defects.

Ambitious growth plans

Team augmentation is a swift and flexible way to expand critical departments like QA teams. It allows companies to bypass the hiring process, immediately increase their capacity and efficiently scale core business operations.

Why a1qa?

20+ years in SQA business

We offer a vast variety of QA and software testing services to ensure failsafe operation of any software type, build and enhance QA processes, and shift to Agile-based methodologies to reach set business objectives.

Business and operational benefits

We dedicate seasoned QA experts who enhance software quality through need-driven QA activities, help speed up testing cycles with test automation, and ensure business continuity regardless of external circumstances.

1,500+ delivered projects

We test solutions across diverse industries – from telecommunications to IT and software development. We put quality first in everything we do, therefore, 90% of our clients choose to work with a1qa again.

Vast technical expertise

We continuously accumulate technology expertise, develop solutions to increase testing efficiency, and advance QA techniques in our 10+ proprietary Centers of Excellence and R&Ds.

1,100+ QA engineers on board

We can quickly assign QA engineers and managers with the required level of expertise and ramp the teams up and down depending on changing project workloads to promptly help you close any skill gaps or meet release deadlines.

QA support throughout SDLC

We can seamlessly dedicate the required number of QA engineers at any SDLC stage to facilitate software releases and ensure high quality at any project stage.

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