Professional QA

From a dedicated QA team to a dedicated QA center — we cover any quality-related need for your business

When relying on an experienced provider of independent QA, technology companies:

  • Spot issues early in the software development life cycle
  • Prevent expensive post-release fixing
  • Reach business goals with high-performing software.

Expert QA services at any stage of SDLC

Be it testing requirements at the project start or assessing system quality before its launch to the market, we seamlessly embed dedicated QA teams to align your software with set demands and make it irresistible to end users. We deliver any testing types depending on your current business needs and IT product specifics.

Requirements testing

Before developers code a feature, we cooperate with them and business analysts to delve into nuances of a future product’s operation. Then, we analyze functional and non-functional software demands. We find logical contradictions and ensure requirements are complete, clear, consistent, and testable.

Prototype testing

We identify any issues and areas of improvement in the early version of a software product to lower the time and financial efforts required for further fixing in case of defects.

Usability testing

To provide engaging design and spot UX issues before the development stage, we test the usability of prototypes by assessing their information architecture, user journeys, navigation flows, and other aspects.

Functional testing

After compiling test approaches, plans, and cases, we precisely check each software feature to ensure it works correctly.

Compatibility testing

We perform rigorous cross-browser and cross-platform testing to confirm that IT products provide impeccable digital user experience regardless of the environment.

Integration testing

With integration testing, we make sure that diverse software components seamlessly interact with one another and that no faults occur during a data exchange process.

Regression testing

We mitigate risks related to inaccurate software operation after any code changes by fulfilling thorough regression testing.

Test automation

To speed up testing cycles and lower the expenses on new releases, we effortlessly build automated QA workflows, ensure continuous testing capabilities, and promptly meet quality gates.

Performance testing

We evaluate software responsiveness and stability under a peak load with client- and server-side performance testing to help development companies release stable IT products capable of operating under a high influx of customers.

Cybersecurity testing

With accurate penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and other practices, we help developers roll out systems shielded from potential attacks and keep sensitive end-user data safe.

Acceptance testing

We gauge system compliance with set requirements and user scenarios via acceptance testing to confirm its stability and ensure all features operate flawlessly and are ready to go into production.

Migration testing

We verify accuracy and completeness of migrated data, absence of any duplications, and smooth transfer of data with all required transformations completed. After migration, we ensure that the resulting system aligns with the requirements.

Issue reproduction

We analyze and investigate each production incident to determine whether it’s a software defect or wrong configurations/human errors. If it’s a defect, we document it, replicate the steps leading to improper software behavior, pass the findings to developers, and perform defect validation after fixes. In case of improper user actions, we pass the results of our investigation and suggestions for improvement to business analysts.

Root cause analysis

To prevent defects from occurring again in the future, decrease development costs, and optimize time efforts, we define problems, analyze their root causes, implement corrective actions, and apply preventive measures.

Production monitoring

To quickly detect, visualize, and fix any software performance issues after going live, we provide real-time production monitoring, preventing sudden downtime or profit loss.

Reach your business goals with professional QA services

QA across industries

We provide comprehensive QA support to software development companies delivering IT products across diverse industries:



Media and entertainment

Real estate

Oil and gas



Travel and hospitality


Automotive and logistics


Utilities and energy

Diverse engagement models for streamlined cooperation

We seamlessly supplement development teams and become a single unit working toward ensuring clients’ success.
  1. Team expansion

    We assign QA experts of the required level of expertise to augment our client’s internal team and help them effectively perform software testing services. Still, the team’s management and the project’s control stay on the customer’s side.

  2. Per-project basis

    We provide need-driven software testing services and their results in an agreed-upon format, which is typical of outsourced projects.

  3. Managed dedicated QA teams

    For software development companies of any scale, we assign dedicated experts led by proficient management who strictly follow clients’ in-house policies, adhere to ISTQB best practices, and can be quickly scaled up or down upon request.

  4. Consulting

    We advise our clients on how to overcome IT challenges of diverse complexity, be it a digital transformation or significant technical debt.

How tech giants harness a1qa’s QA expertise

Adhering to our core objectives to shorten the delivery time and improve software quality, a1qa’s specialists built a custom-made test automation solution from scratch. By organizing automated script runs within three layers, the test automation team mitigated the risks of large-scale automated tests’ alterations, prevented checks duplicates, and shortened the testing time that resulted in a 22.5X boost.

Within a1qa’s responsiveness and complete dedication to the project, Fujitsu admits that the company is a reliable software testing provider able to rapidly address urgent issues and perform all the activities within a pre-defined budget and timelines.

Carlos Barros, Managing Director at Fujitsu

We examined the market of QA vendors and chose a1qa because they provide the full spectrum of QA services and flexible approach to testing. Their ability of fast team upscaling was also one of the key factors. We appreciate that a1qa technical and management teams always keep an open dialogue and communicate clearly. a1qa is definitely uniting professionals in their area, ensuring that the services performed within the deadlines. We gladly continue our engagement and recommend a1qa to anyone searching for a trusted QA partner.

Oleg Shaikhatarov, VP of product at Acronis
Roll out high-quality software with a1qa
Badges of Honor: Achievements celebrated by industry peers

We were recognized as a Silver Award Winner in the IT Project of the Year category at the Industry Eagles Awards 2023.

When to opt for independent QA

QA talent shortage

A lack of experienced domain-specific professionals leads to expensive post-release defect fixing and dissatisfied end users.

Spiraling testing expenses

A shortage of mature QA processes supported by automated workflows causes skyrocketed testing costs.

Issues with automating QA

A lack of test automation, its setup by software engineers, or its inefficiency leads to lower ROI and additional expenses.

Constant team overload

Simultaneous software development and testing performed by developers leads to high stress, lost focus, and little time for other vital tasks.

Unawareness of software quality

A company’s shortage of QA culture leads to a lack of understanding of the quality level at each SDLC stage and enhances the risk of production defects.

Compatibility problems

The absence of cross-browser and cross-platform testing prevents teams from providing equal software performance across diverse platforms, browsers, and devices.

Incorrect budget estimations

Budget overruns occur as a result of fixing unexpected issues in the production environment because of insufficient QA efforts.

Small test coverage

Multiple issues in the production environment cause problems with user experience and overall perception of the IT product.

Slow in-house hiring

The inability to quickly extend your in-house QA team results in missed deadlines and compromises software quality.

Complex transformations

Software upgrades, data migration, or introduction of advanced technologies are hard to perform without relying on a QA provider with proven experience in supporting such processes.

Lack of comprehensive QA

The inability to cover any arising testing need forces software development companies to contact diverse vendors and overspend.

Software performance issues

Numerous performance bottlenecks spoil CX because of insufficient checking of system capabilities to withstand high loads.

Inconsistent project communication

Projects involving multiple vendors miss a unified standard of reporting software quality level, interacting between teammates, and managing interdependencies.

Poorly established QA processes

Chaos in testing workflows impacts overall software quality and provokes the outflow of end users.

Limited engagement capabilities

A lack of choice between short-, mid-, and long-term cooperation options with a QA provider forces software development companies to spend more time and money seeking applicable vendors.

Why a1qa?

20 years in SQA business

With 2 decades of experience, we provide effective quality assurance services, reducing your time on finding ways to fill current gaps.

Vast industry expertise

Proficient in 10+ industries, we have a vast background that allows us to spot hidden defects in critical software parts and suggest necessary fixes.

Team scalability

Each time the project demands it, we seamlessly ramp the QA teams up or down to cover the changing load without downtime or lost profit.

1,100+ QA engineers on board

Proficient full-time QA engineers and managers continuously upgrade their technical and process-related skills and focus on reaching your business goals.

ISO-based mature QA processes

We align our work with international standards, such as ISO 9001 and 27001, to ensure consistent service delivery and data security.

Business/operational values

Apart from eliminating software issues, we strive to accelerate testing time, decrease operational costs, and increase production volume.

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