a1qa improves quality of the solution for global real estate organization

Striving to deliver the high-performing solution to the end users, a leading global real estate company contacted a1qa to polish quality and bring the best QA practices to the table.
Compatibility testing
Functional testing
Localization testing
Performance testing
Real estate
Test automation


The client is one of the front-runners of the real estate industry operating in more than 60 countries and providing professional services for the property owners, investors, and tenants.

The product under test is a one-size-fits-all platform incorporating 42 countries and offering the choice between multiple languages. The developers apply a Sitecore Web CMS to upgrade and modernize standard components forming a web page.

The platform is a full-fledged catalog offering multiple types of accommodation for a certain region with information about contact points for further communication. In addition, each country provides proper services, for instance, logistics and supply chain consulting.

Services offered

Test automation
Functional testing
Performance testing
Compatibility testing
Localization and internationalization testing

Project scope

Cooperation with the client began from ensuring the quality of the customized parts of the platform that were in the process of refinement and enhancement by the development team.

The QA dedicated team consisted of six manual, six test automation engineers, and one project manager who quickly learned all the bells and whistles of the products, increased project transparency for the client, and fulfilled the activities listed below. a1qa introduced smart team scalability to modify the team size depending on the workload at each given moment.

Functional testing

A full functional test was carried out and later supplemented by defect validation and regression testing to ascertain that the whole functionality, including the new one, worked in compliance with the requirements. The issues were recorded in a bug tracking software to establish high process transparency.

The a1qa team developed a tailored testing approach bearing in mind different languages and locales as well as a large number of possible combinations of components on the pages.

Test automation

In order to catch bugs at the earliest possible stage, the QA team developed a set of automated tests that are performed after the test stand update. This is how QA engineers evaluate whether all the main parts of the functionality are stable and assure no critical defects will leak to production. Considering saving testing time and improving test coverage, the engineers have developed a regression test suite optimal for checking the most frequently used components.

Performance testing

To make sure the platform would cope with the desired load and operate with no interruptions, performance testing applying a user behavior approach was introduced. The preparation of real-life user journeys emulating a more realistic load was followed by the development of load scripts and tests execution.

Stress tests were carried out to define the peak of the platform capacity depending on the number of concurrently working users, transactions, and requests. Based on the results of load testing, the engineers made some changes in the infrastructure organization of the servers used, and system load thresholds were found.

For further usage by in-house specialists (after adding new countries and/or languages), the a1qa team created a number of easily maintained scripts.

Localization testing

As the platform embraces end users applying 20 languages, the QA engineers carried out a set of localization checks to provide proper solution interface and functionality transparency for each geographical region encompassing 42 countries.

Compatibility testing

Cross-browser testing allowed enabling identical behavior of the platform under different browser versions and identify critical defects that could affect the impeccable functioning of the system.

The cooperation has prolonged. Due to the ensured high level of the quality of the solution, it became possible for the client to expand the product by adding new locales and gain new industry market thus increasing revenue.

Technologies & tools

  • C#
  • SpecFlow
  • Sitecore Web CMS
  • F5 Access
  • .NET
  • Azure DevOps Services
  • SQL Developer


  • Software quality was enhanced in compliance with the set deadlines and project budget.
  • Transparent QA processes were set up due to the introduction of long-term planning, which ensured timely releases and helped deliver the solution appreciated by the end users.
  • An effective approach toward the usage of test automation service (API automation rather than UI) was established as a means of speeding up time to market.
  • Major and critical defects were found and fixed on schedule, which assured the release of the highly competitive software.

In numbers

years of cooperation
QA engineers on the projects
locales successfully tested during localizing the platform
automated tests were developed

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