Performance testing of eHealth software product


The client is an international consulting company that provides software solutions and consulting services.

The product under test was a web supply optimization system developed to ease the supply chain from the production to the delivery of medicines.

The client’s business need was to ensure the flawless performance of the software product.


To meet the customer’s demands, the a1qa engineer applied user behavior CX-oriented approach that evaluated how quickly the system could react to the user actions and how it behaved under a certain load.

The QA specialist built a testing strategy. It included the meticulous investigation of the app characteristics, development of realistic testing scenarios, creation of the testing scripts applying a user behavior approach, and set up of the online monitoring of system hardware resources and the graphs of the performance metrics.

The created performance scripts were to:

  • emulate the behavior of the users to fill in the necessary data concerning the patients, phase of treatment, medicines, and their dosage
  • provide a medicine-transit route to different countries
  • create and download a report with all the information filled.

The test cases ensured that the user could add, view, edit, and delete all the required data through the web user interface and verified that users could do it in different ways.

To deliver full performance testing results, the a1qa specialist conducted stress and load testing. The engineer defined a limit in the number of simultaneously working users and detected the slowest transactions. Moreover, the performance specialist also discovered inaccuracies in development including duplicate response from the server as well as storage of the old data that affected the page loading and suggested the improvements.

Furthermore, the message exchange between the user and the server was based on WebSocket technology. Each user action triggered about 50 WebSocket messages; one script consisted of about 13,000 WebSocket messages. To save time spend on recording and processing all the messages manually, the a1qa team developed a solution that reduced the recording time of one script more than tenfold.

The client was satisfied with the results delivered by the QA engineer and enhanced the cooperation.

  • Performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Online monitoring
  • Apache JMeter
  • PyCharm
  • WebSocket
  • Fiddler
  • Grafana
  • Charles
  • nmon
  • Wireshark
  • The a1qa specialist evaluated how the system could behave under a certain load and provided advice on how to improve its performance.
  • The engineer defined the issues concerning WebSocket messages exchange and suggested the improvements.
  • The recording time of one script has reduced more than tenfold.
  • 3
    month of the project duration
  • 2
    performance engineers on the project
  • 100%
    compliance with budget and timeline
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