Usability testing

We help you see the world through your customers’ eyes

  • User-centered approach
  • Expert Review
  • User Behavior Simulation

A 360-degree view on your application’s usability

Using our proven testing usability methodology, we deliver a 360-degree view on a product’s operability by analyzing, identifying and benchmarking the weak spots in core features of the application and suggesting opportunities for improvement.

Information architecture

  • Intuitive navigation structure and components
  • Comprehensible search function and results presentation

Workflows and interactions

  • Verification of usage, workflow logics
  • Effective application usage, and identification and elimination of redundant operations
  • Intuitive application operability check
  • Fast response time, process continuity, smooth user journeys
  • Error tolerance and system feedback availability

Visual design

  • Information presentation, visual readability, full functionality of page layout
  • Compliance of terminology and utilized conventions with general usage, unified usage of functional and graphic elements across the application, and adequate response of generally used functions
  • Fast application learnability

2 paths to better usability

Usability audit

A product is audited by 3+ usability experts according to the best usability practices and heuristics.

  • Product evaluation by 3-5 independent specialists
  • Generating lists of test tasks
  • Ordering issues by severity
  • Matching issues with heuristics
  • Developing optimization recommendations
  • Reports composition
  • Results delivery
Usability testing

Use scenarios tested by real users, while a1qa usability experts process the results and develop recommendations.

  • Test script development
  • Creating user groups
  • Tracking task performance
  • User behavior analysis
  • Recording typical mistakes
  • Detecting non-intuitive functionality
  • Developing optimization recommendations
We help our clients enhance their user experience and improve software productivity with our goal-oriented, process-based, knowledge-driven approach to usability testing.

We do not offer yet another "magic" usability platform

The market is saturated with offers of “new-breakthrough-platforms" for usability testing. But we often forget that using any platform results in an ongoing and significant investment on your part; otherwise it simply will not work.

We deliver full-scale usability testing services without any effort on your side:
  • No need to install any testing platform
  • No need to search for the right plug-ins for your testing needs
  • No need to spend extra on customization
  • No need for monthly payments
  • No need for additional resources to maintain your settings
  • No need to read endless tutorials
Just great service, at a great price, with great quality and a full commitment to the results you’ll get.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Risk mitigation
  • Efficiency boost
  • Cost reduction
  • Capacity upturn
  • Quality improvement
  • Revenue growth
  • Productivity increase
of searches are mobile
of all emails are opened on smartphones and tablets
of time spent online is through mobile devices
of users watch TV on mobile

Investing in mobile usability

Mobile apps are here to stay. You need to understand your users and foresee their expectations. The results of our usability testing services will give you 360-degree visibility into how your customers see and use your apps.

Why test usability with a1qa experts?

ISTQB-certified usability experts

Proprietary QA Academy

Usability Center of Excellence

Unique customer approach

Compliance with ISO standards

10 Jakob Nielsen's heuristics followed on projects

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