Mobile Testing

Facing Mobile Challenges

Mobile application market, with its highly competitive landscape and complex set of mobile devices, carriers and constantly updated iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems, has turned the quality of mobile applications to a corner stone of the success in this industry.

End users are getting more and more opportunities to influence directly the success of your business, while their requirements and expectations are growing exponentially.

The quality of your mobile application, its usability, bug-free functioning, compatibility across iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, as well as appealing design, all of it together plays a vital role in the success of your mobile app in particular, and your business as a whole.

A1QA helps both, developers and businesses successfully deliver and launch mobile solutions by overcoming the major challenges that can impact development, release and distribution.

360 degree testing - 360 degree viewpoint

  • iOS-testing

    A1QA provides 360 degree testing on mobile Apple products (iPhone/iPad), covering compliance challenges of iOS native apps across iOS 5, 6, 7 and screen specs along with UDID limitations. Currently A1QA has a park of 15 mobile Apple devices for testing. 

  • Android -testing

    A1QA has a profound experience in testing compatibility of Android OS & app versions with multiple device models,  covering unstable functionality and UI rendering on Droid tablets. Currently A1QA has a park of 150 moblie Android devices for testing. 

  • Windows phone platform

    Altough WinPhone mobile platform is starting to get more traction, still the lack of  support of new OS versions holds a lot of challenges for mobile developers. That`s the reason why A1QA is using its unique testing approach for WinPhone platform, supporting your business continuity. Currently A1QA has a park of 35 moblie WinPhone devices for testing.

  • Html5 -testing

    Being a universal technology, HTML 5 holds a lot of bottlenecks such as browser shortcomings, lack of development standardization and much more. We, at A1QA are successfully covering all testing aspects of your HTML 5 based application, kowing all associated challenge and delivering high quality results. 

User Experience:

  • Functional testing and user journeys execution
  • UI consistency, visual issues and UI behavior
  • Responsive design behavior for different screen sizes and densities
  • User interaction visualization and custom device feedback
  • User experience of application-specific functionality

Interoperability and integration perspective:

  • Data transactions / bandwidth usage optimization
  • Content retrieval on mobile devices optimization
  • Seamless embedding Web service features into a mobile device

Connectivity perspective:

  • Different connection types, e.g., Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE
  • Application behavior on transitions such as switches between Wi-Fi and 3G/EDGE
  • Weak signal conditions
  • Temporary Web service unavailability
  • Offline mode and synchronization

Performance perspective:

  • Application memory & processor usage
  • Network bandwidth usage
  • Application behavior on insufficient resources
  • Application behavior in multi-tasking environment

Security perspective:

  • Data transfer and synchronization
  • Mobile messaging
  • Remote storage
  • Web services

OS compatibility perspective: (iOS, Andr, Win, HTML):

  • Testing environment establishment
  • Mobile park of devices
  • Application compatibility with onboard hardware
  • Device compatibility check

Device and Hardware compatibility perspective:

  • Operation under defined conditions
  • New capabilities verification
  • Hardware/software synchronization


    A1QA offers the most transparent pricing, deliverables and activity reporting — all to help the customer effectively manage costs, while keeping QA budgets as low as possible.


    The A1QA team will begin mobile solution testing ASAP. Clients can receive their first test results — clear and structured — in just three business days. Our methodologies for mobile testing are focused on not interrupting developers, thereby allowing organic fixes and continuous improvements.

  • comprehensive testing coverage Get Complete Coverage

    A1QA clients receive comprehensive testing coverage for native mobile apps, mobile Web, hybrids, or end-to-end mobility solutions involving online service or corporate software integration.


Thanks for a great project! We don't typically contract out our QA activities, but there has been more talk of that since this project because of the great job your team did. I hope we get to work together again in the future!

Craig Hassig

Director of Software Engineering at Renaissance Learning