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a1qa optimizes its energy consumption by 23%

a1qa Software Testing Company implemented “A-Green Policy” back in 2007 to encourage its associates to support the company’s environmental protection position. As a software company we utilize a minimum of resources and produce minimum harmful wastes as compared to manufacturers in other industries. Nonetheless we strive to reduce the company’s energy consumption and support recycling programs.

By the corporate energy saving rules, the workstations are to be shut down by a1qa employees for the idle night time and during days off, and are shut down automatically if not reserved to be utilized for production needs during out-of-office hours.

To optimize electricity consumption, the lightning devices in a1qa offices are equipped with energy-saving light bulbs. The switch-off of corridor lights is automated with the help of motion detectors during the non-working hours, including evening time and days off.

The implemented measures as stipulated in “A-Green Policy” allowed the company to reduce its energy consumption by 23%.

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