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MS Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full-scale clients` relations system. The system combines the features of operational, collaborative and analytical CRM. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM companies successfully face a great number of clients` relations management issues. Among those:

  • creating a unified client base and the story of interactions
  • business process management
  • management of marketing, sales activities and customer service
  • information analysis, reporting

Dynamic CRM platform can be easily adjusted to different business needs, while the basic functionality is expandable. The administration module allows creating new entities, changing or retargeting the current ones. Apart from that in the CRM you can develop all the necessary views, forms and set up the Workflow for every entity. Using CRM plugins you can expand basic system functions, develop new ones or integrate with some sub-systems.

On the whole in the CRM you can customize and develop:

  • entities, attributes, forms, views, basic functions
  • plug-ins, business processes, aspx-pages, reports, add-ons

The standard CRM functionality is localized into 24 languages, which simplifies the process of localization testing. As only the newly developed or customized functionality should pass the localization checks.

When localizing the customized part of CRM engineers check forms and views, with the customized entities and/or fields, control elements, along with plugin functionality, functional updates made on Java-script (messages, additional web-pages) and custom reports.

Running functional and GUI tests consider how the current functional was developed, whether it is basic or customized. The information you get defines the testing plan.

Keep in mind that in the customized CRM a great number of checks have already been done, which allows you to test only the new part – entity attributes fields. Often there is no need in new fields’ validation, since the control elements acquire the standard features according to the data type.

Still the newly developed functionality is to be thoroughly tested, though the requirements are similar to the customized functionality. Along with that all the forms, windows, control elements and all other necessary things developed separately and added to the CRM system via Java-script plugins or some others are to get through the full-scale check. Otherwise the time spent for improvement of the client relations management system, won`t bring you value.

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