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Celebrities of the testing world speak out in a1qa blog

“We need humans at every step,” Michael Bolton, a true celebrity of the testing and QA world and a famous software testing blogger said in an a1qa blog interview. Bolton explained that testers should use tools by all means, but testing still cannot be 100 percent automated.

In the scope of a continuous “Interview” rubric presented by a1qa, world-leading experts in software testing and QA share their opinions on a variety of industry topics. Among other famous testers interviewed for the a1qa blog are James Bach, top tester-blogger; Markus Gärtner, the winner of the “Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2013” award; Matthew Heusser, a member of the board of directors for the Association for Software Testing, and many more.

Each interview touches on completely different issues, covering the hottest and most important challenges in testing today. Interviews are published on a weekly basis on the a1qa blog. One of the main goals of these interviews is not only to share knowledge and expertise but to contribute to the industry by nurturing interest in careers in testing.

“Since no one teaches testing and QA academically, we strive to create a space where prominent theorists and practitioners in the industry can share their experiences with testers and those interested in this specific subject,” said Svetlana Pravdina, a1qa CEO.

The company also contributes to testing and quality assurance education by teaching the profession in the QA Academy, aproprietary a1qa training center where attendees receive education through progressive methodologies and trainers’ experience. The training course combines intense theory studies and immediate practice of the received knowledge.

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