Join a1qa’s roundtable on preparing your IT product for high seasons

Unwrap success this holiday season! Join a1qa's roundtable, where our experts will discuss how to ensure your IT product sleighs with resilience
25 January 2024

Event information 

On January 25 at 2 PM EST, a1qa is excited to host a roundtable titled “High season: how to prepare your IT product beforehand.” Mark your calendar for this informative session where industry experts will share valuable insights on ensuring your IT product excels during the high-demand season. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain tips to gear up for success this season. All participants are encouraged to share their thoughts during the session. 

What’s on the agenda? 

The attendees will get an opportunity to discuss the following topics: 

  • Functional testing to support high sales period 
  • Peak performance assurance during seasonal peaks 
  • Be prepared for disruptions by resilience engineering


Meet a1qa’s experts for the roundtable — Aleksey Ermolinsky, Solution advisor at a1qa, Elizaveta Makarova, Solution advisor at a1qa, and a special guest Roman Halyuta, Project coordinator at a1qa — who will share insights on navigating functional testing challenges, resilient strategies to tackle disruptions during high sales periods. 

How to register? 

Fill out the form below to reserve your virtual seat and make your IT solution shine! 

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