Dealing with complex software? a1qa roundtable is right up your ally

Get shared knowledge of QA for complex IT solutions
27 April 2023

The online a1qa roundtable “QA for complex software: tips for enhancing the quality” is scheduled for April 27 at 5 PM CEST. Participants will discover how businesses can handle their challenges using QA and produce the best end product in a shorter timeframe. 

What’s on the agenda? 

 The agenda covers 3 points of top priority:  

1. What is software complexity? 

2. What is a testing approach when dealing with IT solutions that are complex? 

3. QA process from start to finish: a detailed look at each step. 

Attendees are encouraged to voice their experience-driven opinions on these topics. 


Paul Polyarush, Senior QA consultant, and Darya Savich, QA solution advisor, will present the event and contribute their insights based on many years of hands-on QA experience. 

How to register? 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity and fill out the form below. 

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