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Main takeaways from Collision 2019

This May has brought a great opportunity for the a1qa specialists to become the part of the amazing tech event gathering the industry leaders from the world over – Collision.

The atmosphere of continuous motion was supplemented by the active discussions with guests at the company’s booth regarding the importance of QA and software testing for the introduction of innovative technologies. As this step shouldn’t affect quality, it’s vital to timely appeal to software screening.

Particularly, the visitors were interested in such services as security and performance testing along with test automation accompanied by best AI practices. This fact confirms high awareness regarding the value of QA for each aspect of the solution.

Company’s USO Managing Director Nadya Knysh shares her opinion on the held event:

‘a1qa has obtained invaluable experience while considering the advanced tech trends driving the IT world today, be it SaaS, blockchain, AI, or digital wellness.

This unique event has fully demonstrated the enormous pace of the technologies’ development. To keep up with this constantly changing sphere without harming the overall end-user experience, it’s vital to consider the aspect of quality. a1qa can help you reach this objective .’

Collision came to an end, but we are continuing the series of meetings around the country dedicated to solving quality-related issues. This week we are locating in Chicago and will be glad to answer all your questions. To schedule the suitable time for you, just leave us a message at start@a1qa.com.

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