Episode 3 with Preeti Puppala! “Driving business success” series of interviews.

Episode 3 with Preeti Puppala is out! Learn more about the meaning of quality, significance of QA for digital transformation, and embedding a QA culture.
5 October 2022

We are pleased to announce that Episode 3 of “Driving business success with software testing strategies” interviews with Preeti Puppala, software quality engineering manager and solutions delivery lead at Clario, is now available on our YouTube channel.

During Episode 3, Preeti touches upon 3 vital points.

The meaning of quality. In her view, quality involves best practices that are intrinsic to any department, and QA is no exception. She also notes that to achieve top software quality, it is not enough to perform tests regularly. Collecting and analyzing data is another crucial stage. Why? Preeti provides more details on this point in the video.

Next, Preeti talks about the importance of QA within digital projects — it’s essential to put cybersecurity testing front and center during transformations. The reason is that it helps protect the data of both end users and employees.

Moving on to the final topic, Preeti says that every organization should embed a QA culture, as doing so contributes to healthy business transformation and evolution as well as assists in meeting customers’ ever-growing needs and delivering superior CX.

You are most welcome to watch Episode 3 and discover more information on these points.

The next three episodes are about to come out — don’t miss them!

In case you’d like to learn more about QA, reach out to a1qa’s specialists and connect with us.

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