Episode 2 of “Driving business success” interviews: learn more about QA strategies with Deepak Chinnam.

Isn’t it time for Episode 2 with Deepak Chinnam? Just watch it and learn more about QA vs Agile, quality budgeting, and core aspects of digital transformation.
29 August 2022

We continue the interview series on “Driving business success with software testing strategies.” Episode 2 with Deepak Chinnam, Head of cross-platform services at WPP and former Director at BT Group, is already available to watch.

Deepak focuses on 3 vital topics: QA vs Agile, quality budgeting, and the aspects of digital transformation that QA professionals should be involved in.

QA and Agile on their own bring success to businesses. Here, it is mission-critical for companies to question themselves about the system and requirements, as this helps avoid defects at the later SDLC stages.

Deepak’s approach to quality budgeting is to assess not the quality or software development individually, but the goals that the organization strives to reach.

The aspects of a digital transformation project that are crucial for QA engineers are understanding the business that you’re participating in, grasping the business logic and technical side of the system, and adopting test automation in the first place.

Feel free to watch Episode 2 and explore more details on these topics.

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