The next stop on our route! Meet the a1qa experts in New York

The a1qa representatives will set up a meeting in your area and help you reach business objectives through managed quality assurance.
26 September 2019

We are delighted to announce that the next stop of our business route will be in New York!

Throughout the whole week starting from October 7, the a1qa expert team would be glad to meet with you over a cup of coffee to suggest the possible ways of tuning software quality.

Why has the role of QA changed so much recently?

With the increasing complexity of technologies and a widespread DevOps transformation, executives globally face the number of challenges related to proper software functioning. Overcoming them may be a complex endeavor, which includes:

  • Identifying reasons for missed pitfalls in production
  • Establishing QA processes from scratch or improving them
  • Designing tailor-made solutions to reach business objectives, and many more.

a1qa accomplishes these entire goals through managed quality assurance and adherence to the latest QA techniques. The earlier quality assurance is introduced into the SDLC, the more valuable product version will hit the market.

So why not seize the opportunity and change the project scope for the better? Especially since a1qa mission is to assist in this process.

To book a meeting with our representatives in advance, do not hesitate to drop us a note at

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