a1qa assures high quality of the cloud ERP system new functionality

Having worked with a1qa before, the client was aware of the company’s comprehensive way of delivering QA and entrusted the team with testing the tailored solution.
Compatibility testing
Functional testing
Integration testing
IT and software development
Mobile app testing
Regression testing
Test automation


The solution under test is a cloud ERP system developed for SMB companies to simplify business processes through real-time remote access from anywhere in the world. The software allows its end users to streamline document and financial management processes, track cost budget, keep the whole team informed of the latest updates, and many more.

With the need to extend functionality to finalize it according to the construction sphere requirements, a1qa was involved to introduce an industry-specific solution by integrating its cloud ERP system with the pre-built software.

For that reason, it was vital to assure the quality of such integration and ascertain that the newly obtained solution operated as intended.

Services offered

Test automation
Integration testing
Mobile application testing
Regression testing
Functional testing
Compatibility testing

Project scope

Before starting the testing process, a1qa provided internal consulting that was necessary for training newcomers on a fly based on the deep knowledge of the landscape and integrations. The whole scope of work on the project was carried out following the Agile methodology.

The overall quality of the solution was assured through following software testing and QA activities:

  • New features testing

After the delivery of each new build, the QA team verified that each implemented functionality operated regarding the requirements set in the testing artifacts, and the product logic wasn’t affected.

  • Cross-browser testing

The a1qa engineers were to make sure that the web solution would operate correctly under multiple browsers or browser versions. Therefore, a1qa performed positive tests in all popular browsers. At present, before releasing the software product, the QA specialists conduct UI testing to ensure no loopholes can affect the system functioning.

  • Integration testing

As the client was integrating the cloud ERP solution with the pre-built software, the engineers were to expose defects in the interactions between the integrated systems or their parts. The a1qa specialists also provided smooth integration with other systems (e.g. electronic signature and construction management software).

  • Mobile application testing

To make sure the mobile version of the software was functioning as intended, the a1qa team performed testing on real iOS and Android devices.

  • Regression testing

Fully recognizing that even a small code change could cause risks to the already tested features, the a1qa engineers carried out:

  1. Quick sanity check at the end of each sprint including smoke tests for the main functionality and validation of the customization package publishing. Now the QA team has upgraded the approach to conducting regression testing through performing more automated tests. This has improved the coverage and decreased testing time.
  2. Regression testing before each release to confirm that no negative consequences affected the previously verified functionality.
  • Test automation

To eliminate the human factor in the scope of assuring quality, optimize resources, and speed up time to market, the a1qa team automated part of the routine checks.

The QA specialists have developed important release readiness criteria – all smoke scenarios should be covered by automated tests, including the developing functionality.

Technologies & tools

  • C#
  • Jenkins CI
  • MSTest
  • IIS
  • SpecFlow
  • Windows


  • The overall quality was improved due to the elimination defects including Blockers that could affect the solution performance and cause system crash at the go-live stage.
  • The a1qa approach to QA and software testing throughout the ERP lifecycle helped reduce testing time to ascertain that the overall quality meets the highest standards.
  • Considering tight deadlines, the a1qa team assured timely releases that occur every 8 weeks.
  • After the solution went live, the customer received positive feedback from end users.

In numbers

years of the project duration
test cases written and executed
automated tests written
automated tests performed
defects identified

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