a1qa dedicated team assures quality of CRM software

The US-based provider of the innovative customer management solutions for the financial and payments industry contacted a1qa to assure high quality of the developed web-based CRM software.
Dedicated QA teams
Financial services
Functional testing
Mobile app testing
Test automation


The Customer Relationship Management system was built with the Ruby on Rails framework.

It was designed to monitor sales performance and integrate every aspect of the merchant’s business. The system enabled to enter data, store, and process it. There also were embedded modules to track commission fees, generate reports. CRM users could be assigned any of the three roles.

To help sales representatives stay in business on the go, there also was a mobile version of the system that had a number of CRM key features. The customer took a scrupulous approach when selecting the QA service provider.

Services offered

Functional testing
Mobile app testing
Test automation
GUI testing
Web services testing

Project scope

The a1qa team performance was compared with other QA providers for three months. Finally, the preference was given to the a1qa dedicated team.

The customer had no testing process in place. For that reason, the a1qa team considered all peculiarities of the customer’s workflow and set up testing from scratch. Thanks to the efficiently set up process, it was possible to perform more activities with the same size of the testing team.

The a1qa team performed complex testing and detected over 2000 defects, which helped to ensure high quality of the product. For 2 years of cooperation, a1qa specialists became a full-fledged part of the development team.

Through the direct involvement of a1qa engineers, 24 versions of the product successfully went live.

Technologies & tools

  • SQL Server
  • Apple iOS
  • IIS
  • Android
  • FogBugz
  • Ruby on Rails


In numbers

months of project duration
devices used for running tests
versions of the product went live
defects detected
years - average experience of the engineers on the project
acceptance tests run

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