a1qa elevates software quality for a UK-based front-runner in the alcoholic beverage industry


The client is one of the leading global suppliers of alcoholic drinks, which is united under hundreds of different brands. In the endeavor to enable the highest quality of 25 websites after the major redesign under their portfolio, the client turned to a1qa.


The dedicated team of QA engineers started the integration into the client’s infrastructure and processes, with Agile methodology being at the helm of software development.

After creating the testing strategy and documentation required for successful project performance, the specialists conducted:

  • Functional testing to spot critical issues that could impede further QA, ensuring that new functionality was put in place without affecting solutions’ logic, and to ascertain that the introduced refinement went like clockwork.
  • Compatibility testing to enable an equally successful user experience on multiple browsers and guaranting similar unhindered functioning.
  • Localization testing to help websites’ visitors from multiple countries smoothly obtain information in their native language, easily confirm their age, define user-specific time, date, and other parameters, to ensure flawless UX.
  • Back-end testing of the websites’ admin panel to provide stellar performance of the basic functionality, including verifications of creating content, editing, publishing, and much more.

To simulate the actions of real users, the QA engineers applied real mobile devices, while configuring personal computers, the team utilized virtual machines.

a1qa's team helped bolster software quality and win the hearts of the products’ target audience due to well-managed communication with the client’s geographically dispersed teams and rapid problem-solving in case of emergencies.

  • Functional testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Localization testing
  • Back-end testing
  • JIRA
  • Virtual machines
  • Unhindered software operation and elevated customer experience through an all-inclusive approach to quality assurance delivered by the a1qa's team.
  • 25
    websites tested
  • 9
    assigned engineers 
  • 1
    year of project duration
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