a1qa sets up QA process and ensures release quality of the blockchain-based solution

The client pitched on a1qa to assure the high-grade quality of the blockchain-based smartphone.
Cybersecurity testing
Functional testing
Integration testing
Performance testing
Test automation


The client is a company developing smartphones that allow them to safely store and use cryptocurrency in transactions.

The product is the smartphone with the following characteristics: built-in crypto storage wallet, dapp store (multi-blockchain decentralized applications), Token Conversion Service (TCS).

The client noticed that the crypto landscape lacked an intuitive and simple mobile interface through which a user could operate with the blockchain and crypto. Therefore, the customer set out to make crypto just as simple to use as all the other digital payment systems and decided to develop a mobile interface that would be simple, secure, and easy-to-use.

The company connected to a1qa to test the product and ensure the quality of software.

Services offered

Functional testing
Performance testing
Test automation
Integration testing
API testing
Cybersecurity testing

Project scope

The client was looking for QA services. The key need was to build a verification and validation software team of engineers with expertise in Android, client-server, and blockchain technology. Guided by the positive recommendations from other customers, the client contacted a1qa to face the challenge.

To start with, the a1qa team analyzed the customer’s in-house software development processes and created a plan to implement an effective QA stage. The following integral parts of the upcoming smartphone were entrusted to the a1qa engineers:

  1. Mobile app for Android that enables completing all cryptocurrencies transactions (sending, receiving, converting), store coins, and tokens.
  2. RESTful API for cryptocurrencies converting.
  3. Decentralized mobile app for Android that enables the smartphone to interact with the blockchain-based apps.

As the client has been in the process of developing his own new era smartphone, it was impossible to run tests on it. The a1qa team performed testing on crypto storage wallet emulators while the solution was under development, and after that got down to ensuring the quality using the real device.

The a1qa team performed full-cycle testing of the dapp, crypto transactions security testing.

The objectives of the dapp performance testing were to ensure the solution capability to handle multiple transactions with cryptocurrencies and make sure that the server would survive the load.

The a1qa test automation engineers also developed a customized framework to speed up testing. The a1qa team implemented an industrial collaborative robot, or cobot, to improve the existing test automation process to make it even more streamlined.

The project was successfully completed, and the customer was satisfied with the results, which was noted in the letter of recognition.

Technologies & tools

  • Blockchain
  • CoinAPI
  • BlockCypher
  • Android


  • a1qa set up processes from scratch and established effective communication within the distributed Dev and QA teams.
  • The QA engineers have assured high quality, security, and performance of the solution.

In numbers

months of the project duration
test cases prepared
major and critical defects detected
engineers on the project

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