Context-sensitive help and localization of healthcare solution

Great services, perfect results — the job is well done indeed. Now the product has the look and feel as if it was originally written in German. What you’ve done is even better than I expected.

Project Coordinator

The customer is a leading Austrian company that implements unique solutions to streamline, integrate and automate all business processes across an enterprise.

The client developed an online medical consulting solution for the international market.

Facing the need to provide context-sensitive help and localization of the software, the client turned to a1qa to meet the challenge.


Key points were to release the new system, accelerate time to market and foster marketing innovation.

During the project realization, the team elaborated full-featured HTML Help pages and performed translation of resource files.

  • Localization testing
  • Technical writing
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Beyond Compare

Absence of product documentation:

  • The team elaborated technical documentation from scratch.

Terminology inconsistency with international standards:

  • Specialists developed pharmaceutical terms and glossaries.

User interface was positionally dependent and unable for reordering:

  • a1qa spotted natural similarities between languages to make the original text easily translatable into the target language.
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